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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The National Interest: Blog: Dave Mujumdar: Europe's Four Deadliest Military Powers

The National Interest: Opinion: Dave Mujumdar: Europe's Four Deadliest Military Powers 

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Europe gets stereotyped as socialist, pacifist and isolationist. And for very good reason and those labels tend to go very well together. Democratic Socialists tend to be pacifist and isolationist and at the very least suspicious of military force. And Europe is full of social democracies from Britain in the West, Scandinavia in the North and Greece in the South. But two of the most socialist countries in Europe Britain and France have two of the largest and best militaries in the World. Britain and France and if anything France is perhaps stronger militarily than Britain even if they are more socialist. With currently having a socialist President and administration in power.

My point being that Europe is more than capable of defending themselves. They don’t need a superpower three-thousand miles away that they like to take shots at and make fun of and criticize the size of its military budget and military overall, that being America of course defending them. When Europe is more than capable of defending themselves either as an independent state or as one European defense unit. The main reason why Europe spends of much money on their welfare states and infrastructure as part of their gross domestic product compared with America and spends so little on their own militaries, is because they America defending them for them at American taxpayer expense.

Not because Europe has so many pacifists and isolationists and America is full of warmongers. It is because America has Europe’s back when it comes to national security at American taxpayer expense. When Europe is more than capable of defending themselves if they just invested their own resources in their militaries. Or unified their militaries into one European defense unit and then we would probably be talking about the next superpower only trailing America. That Russia would have to pay attention and at least think twice before trying to require their former Slavic republics and satellites in the East. They wouldn’t do that with Europe there that if anything would be a stronger and definitely wealthier force to have to deal with.

Hoover Institution: Video: Uncommon Knowledge: P.J. O'Rourke Reflects on Life in The Sixties to Today

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on WordPress

The Baby Boom is sort of tough for me to blog about as someone who was born in the mid-1970s the tail end of Generation X. And also as someone whose parents were born in the 1930s and are part of he Silent Generation. So I don’t really have much to go on other than my two of my uncles who were both born in 1944 who I didn’t see very often growing up and who I’m not close with today. Other than Boomers that I’ve talked to, but mostly as an adult. So what I have to go on for the most part is history. Which is generally a great reference to go on even if that is all you have.

Boomer stereotypes are people who were Hippies and looking to escape the 1950s and when that finally happened in college in the 1960s they just sort of exploded and freaked out on marijuana trips. Wait, that’s not so much a stereotype, but is actually true. But there’s more to that because this is a generation that is one of the most productive that America has ever produced whether they are on the Far-Left or Far-Right or somewhere in between. If you looked at what they produced for this country in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and even today. They are a healthy generation and they are living working longer than any generation we’ve ever produced. Because they want to and are still very good at what they do.

There’s an old American saying that when you are young you are more open to alternative views and lifestyles that they establishment sees as immoral and weird. But as you get older and mature you get more educated and realize that you have responsibilities for yourself and your family and people you work with or for and people who work for you. And there’s a limit to how much of a rebel that you can be. The Boomers were Hippies in the 1960s and 70s, but they also grew up and have become perhaps the most educated, productive, tolerant and open-minded generation that we’ve ever produced. And I give them a lot of credit for that.