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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heritage Foundation: Video: Diana West: American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Heritage Foundation: Video: Diana West: American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character

Just to point out and after you see this, you’ll have an idea where Diana West is coming from. Diana West, is a Birther. She doesn’t believe Barack Obama, despite being born in Hawaii, with a Hawaii birth certificate to prove that, from 1961 when he was born, she believes that President Obama is not even an American citizen, yet was born in the United States. But lets say that water is dry and fire is cold just for a minute and that Barack wasn’t born in America. His mother was and was an American citizen her whole life. So anyone who is actually interested in facts, case closed on the legitimacy of Barack Obama as President of the United States. So why Heritage would host anyone like this, at least as it relates to serious topics, is beyond me. And gives me less reason to even respect them.

So, you got a Birther, talking about how Communists penetrated the U.S. Government in the 1940s and 1950s and took over American colleges. And that is why we has the emergence of the New-Left in the 1960s and had a socialist movement then, that didn’t like the America military, American establishment, American economic system. And wanted to take down all of these things to establish some type of socialist government in America. And this is coming from a Birther, so if you bother to look at Diana West’s speech and even browse through her book, even at an airport when you have hours to kill, keep all of this mind. Look and examine everything that she says to see if anything that she’s saying is even worth taking seriously.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Secular Talk: Ann Coulter- Women Should Not Have The Right To Vote

Source: Secular Talk & Fox News-Ann Coulter-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

Just when think Ann Coulter can’t be any meaner, more hateful, ignorant and funnier at her own expense, she comes out in favor of repealing the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I’ve always argued that Neoconservatives, want to take America back to pre-New Deal days. But in Ann Coulter’s case, she was would take America back before the 1920s, before women had the right to vote in America. The host of whatever the hell this guy on YouTube does, who I generally see as a loudmouth asshole and jackass and if you watch him on YouTube, you would see why, actually makes a good point here. About the tax issue, that if you don’t pay taxes, you shouldn’t vote, according to Ann Coulter. Well, that would devastate the Republican Party.

If only income taxpayers and Americans who pay more in taxes than they actually receive in benefits could vote, we’re not talking about Washington, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, all big cities with large Democratic populations, who would lose their right to vote. These are all economically prosperous areas of the country. The areas that would get devastated as far as no longer being able to vote are the rural Bible Belt areas. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, rural Georgia, South Carolina, North Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, to use as examples. Some of the poorest states and areas of the country. That couldn’t live right now without their Food Assistance and Welfare benefits. Republican legislatures and governors, could gerrymander all they want. But their people wouldn’t be able to vote, because they don’t pay income taxes.

When you just make your political arguments and statements, especially against the other party based on stereotypes and talking points and especially racial and ethnic stereotypes and you don’t bother to look at the actual data and facts, you can get yourself in a lot of political trouble and shoot your toes off. Shoot yourself in the leg when you’re just trying to put your gun back in your holster, similar to Al Bundy, if you’re familiar with Married With Children. Because you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. Yes, women tend to vote for Democrats, but those women also tend to be well-educated and economically successful. And they vote Democratic, because they believe Democrats better represent their interests. You prevent poor Americans from voting and you devastate a big chunk of the GOP that Republicans have to have. And Ann Coulter, doesn’t seem to be smart enough to understand that.
Secular Talk: Ann Coulter- Women Should Not Have The Right To Vote

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Muir Maiden: Video: Peyton Place 1957: Life is Not So Swell in Pleasantville

Muir Maiden: Video: Peyton Place 1957: Life is Not So Swell in Pleasantville

I don’t know any other movie that perfectly represents its time and is better timed and has a better plot than Peyton Place. I mean think about, think about what Peyton Place is about and when it comes out and when it takes place. In small town New England, where everyone looks the same, talks the same and acts the same, lives the same way. Or at least that is how it looks on the outside. Peyton Place, comes out in 1957, a time where mom stayed at home and dad worked. Where divorce, or single parenthood were considered sins. Where African-Americans, were considered servants of Caucasian families, especially Anglo-Saxon families. Where sex before marriage and even the talk of sex and how people being physically attracted to each other pre-marriage were considered sins.

Peyton Place and the 1940s, as well as 1950s America, perhaps especially in New England, are considered the Utopia of the Christian-Right and what I at least call the Traditional Values Coalition of America. And yet this is all just a façade. Peyton Place, is a movie where a single mother is raising her daughter. Her daughter’s father, dies early on, but she’s never actually married to him. Not only that, but this women played by the great Lana Turner, has an unplanned pregnancy with a married man. Again, adultery and especially adulterous sex, would be considered sins back then and in this community. And yet Constance MacKenzie, played by Lana, tries to come off as this better than now above it all person. Expressing the traditional values of Traditional America. Even though she’s lived a separate life where she expressed her true feelings.

Peyton Place, looks like a small town paradise in New England, on the outside. With good schools, good places to eat. Very friendly intelligent good people, things to do. And yet this is a town with a lot of the problems of a big American Northeastern or Midwestern city. Like Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, to use as examples. Where women have kids with men who are married to other women and without marrying the father of their baby and where the father doesn’t have much of a presence in their baby’s life. Where a girl, played by Hope Lange, is raped by her stepfather, played by Arthur Kennedy. And when her stepfather attacks her again, she kills him and get charged with the murder of her stepfather. Because no one believes that she was simply defending herself.

Peyton Place, is also a movie, where a women played by Lana Turner, learns to open up, socialize and even love again. From the principle of her daughter’s high school, played by Lee Phillips. Who teaches her that there’s nothing wrong with two people openly showing their affection with each other in public. Even in Peyton Place. And is also a movie where abortion, again in a movie that came out in 1957, but took place even further back in 1941, thirty years before abortion even became legal in America, where a doctor, played by Lloyd Nolan, performs the abortion on Selena Cross, played by Hope Lange. Because she was a teenager, whose stepfather is the father of her baby.

To say that Peyton Place was ahead of its time as far as the issues that it talked about, would be like saying the Empire State Building in New York, is a big tall building. This movie was a solid ten-years ahead of its time. That showed that 1950s and 1940s America, wasn’t all that pleasant and certainly not perfect after all. That they dealt with the same issues back then as Modern America deals with today. Only they weren’t as public and the attitudes about these so-called alternative activities and lifestyles, were kept in the closet and hidden. Kept outside of mainstream America. And it is a very good look inside a time that wasn’t as innocent as its been advertised.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fox News: Video: Franklin Graham: “Christians Should Prepare For Persecution After Gay Marriage Ruling”: Really?

Todd Starnes & Reverend Franklin Graham
Fox News: Video: Franklin Graham: “Christians Should Prepare For Persecution After Gay Marriage Ruling”: Really?

Well in the World of Stupid! I know, that’s a huge world in America, but in this part of the World of Stupid, Reverend Franklin Graham, who otherwise might be a swell guy and represents the so-called Southern charm and hospitality very well and is a good Christian man, saying that, “Christians should prepare for persecution after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.” You don’t have to take my word for it. Fox News just showed what the good Reverend just said. And I know what you might be thinking. Fox News reports just as much news as The Onion, well maybe less. But here’s the video from Fox News showing what Reverend Graham just said. So you can see and hear for yourself.

As for Justice Anthony Kennedy’s ruling in this case. He ruled that his decision was based on the fundamental right to marry. And I would add America, that Americans 18, or over have the fundamental right to marry. It’s not government’s decision, or authority to decide who can get married in America. The fact that gay Americans are exactly that and adults, is all they need, as well as a partner that has agreed to marry them, in order to get married in America. It’s the class argument that I’ve made since I’ve blogged about this issue. That government can’t create two separate classes of Americans, with one being treated better, or worst under law than the other. And this case, the issue being marriage.

Same-sex marriage in America, along with the belief in civil liberties and privacy, as well as marijuana legalization and perhaps just after that prostitution, are just examples of where America is going. Personal freedom, is just as important to Americans as economic freedom. And our tradition of personal liberties and freedom, go hand in hand with our strong beliefs in economic freedom. Not wanting to be taxed very high and having so much power being centralized in one governmental authority. With that authority having so much responsibility for both our personal and economic well-being. And the Republican Party needs to figure this out, if they want to be competitive in the future.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

AEI: Ideas: James Pethokoukis: Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Subsidies: Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

AEI: Ideas: James Pethokoukis: Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Subsidies: Where Do Republicans Go From Here?

With the U.S. Supreme Court making the right decision in ruling in favor of the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchanges, (at least in my view), the Republican Party, at least in Congress will now have an opportunity to do something positive when it comes to health care reform in America. They know now that repealing the law either through Congress, or through the Supreme Court, is not happening at least in this Congress and while Barack Obama is still President. At least their leadership in the House and Senate knows that. Whether their Tea Party members in and outside of Congress understand that, or not, probably not likely. But their leaders know this.

Now, Congressional Republicans will have the opportunity, even though they’ve had it all along, to work with Congressional Democrats in both chambers, to improve a law that they know is here to stay. At least until there’s another Republican President and Congress. Waiting for that as more Americans benefit from the ACA and get health insurance and can now afford it, will make repeal even more difficult. Without costing them seats in Congress. But even Democrats have problems with the law, which gives Republicans an opportunity to work with them when it comes to the medical device tax and small business’s covering their employees. As well as add things to the law the Republicans at least use to like. Like expanding health savings accounts for moderate and low-income workers. And giving low-income workers a private option when it comes to Medicaid.

The fact is, Republicans both in the House and Senate, haven’t offered a plan, other than John Boehner’s substitute to the ACA, when he was still House Minority Leader back in 2009, which only covered seven-million people according to the Congressional Budget Office, because they don’t have a plan. They prefer the old system, but perhaps don’t want to admit it. They don’t have a problem with health insurers dropping patients simply because they need health insurance, get sick, or have a pre-existing condition. They simply call that capitalism and the free market. They don’t believe taxpayers should help cover the health insurance of people who make too much money for Medicaid, but can’t afford private health insurance. Which is what the ACA subsidies are about. Which is why I at least believe they still don’t have an alternative to the ACA and probably won’t offer one anytime soon.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Heritage Foundation: Video: Where Is Liberalism Going?

Heritage Foundation: Video: Where Is Liberalism Going?

I always find it entertaining to hear Neoconservatives at the Heritage Foundation and other places, who pushed for the Iraq War fifteen years ago and want the Federal Government to be able to decide who gets to marry in America and who bash the nanny state as they promote it with the War on Drugs and marijuana criminalization, talk about the big government Un-American tendencies of American liberalism. Because, it gives me the opportunity to show educated people, or at the very least people who are willing to be educated, to see how ignorant and, or dishonest other people are. And how they speak so much about something they don’t understand and how they know so much that isn’t true. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan. Someone that Heritage claims to understand.

As I’ve blogged before, what is called modern liberalism, which is what these guys are talking about, is not liberalism. They’re talking about socialism, both democratic and otherwise. And to a certain extent New Deal progressivism, which is classical progressivism. Which is much different from the New-Left of the 1960s and today. Who are Socialists and to the Left of Progressives politically. Liberalism, is about freedom for the individual. Protecting and expanding freedom, not dependence on the central state for the people’s well-being. Socialism, is about the big central state and what the state and government can do for the people. But Liberals, want to use government to empower people who need it to be able to take care of themselves. Which is what freedom is. The ability for one to have self-determination and be able to make their own personal and economic decisions. And live with the consequences of their decisions.

And these guys at Heritage and everywhere else on the Tea Party and Neo-Right, could spend the rest of their lives talking about liberalism as if they’re were talking about communism, Marxism, collectivism, or any other big statist collectivist ideology. But to paraphrase the great conservative philosopher Ron Reagan. They would only be knowing so much that isn’t so. Speaking so much about something that they know very little about. Like a mechanic, trying to give a lecture on brain surgery. Or a fish, giving a lecture about NASCAR. If you want to talk about liberalism, you first need to know what is you’re talking about. And then you need to know that liberalism is about individual rights. The right for individuals to be free.

Because of what liberalism actually is and where Americans tend to be, liberalism is in very good shape. And moving to a period where Americans still want their personal freedom and even have it expanded. Like on issues having to do with marijuana and sexuality and even sexual freedom, including prostitution, which is just behind marijuana. And they also want their privacy protected and even have strong protections for it. As the Patriot Act debate showed last month. But they also don’t want big government with both of their hands in their wallets, taxing most of their money away from them. And this is where Center-Left Democrats tend to be. Wanting to use government to expand freedom for people who don’t have it. And based on this liberalism, is in very good shape in America.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Liberty in Our Time: Video: Blacklisted From History: Interview With Stanton Evans

Liberty in Our Time: Video: Blacklisted From History: Interview With Stanton Evans

I’m not an expert on Stanton Evans, but what I’ve seen from him is that he basically sees Senator Joe McCarthy as the good guy during this period. The Army-McCarthy hearings of 1953-54, chaired by Senator Joe McCarthy in the Senate during the 83rd Congress. Just after Dwight Eisenhower is elected President and Congressional Republicans win back the Senate and House of Representatives. That none of the people who Chairman McCarthy and his staff investigated were innocent. That they were all Communists, or at the very least had solid information about Communists in the U.S. Government.

Were there Communists in America in the 1940s and 50s, of course. Where there Communists in Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s, of course. Were there Communists who also worked in the U.S. Government, yes. Were they Russian agents working for the Soviet Union trying to dismantle the American Federal Republic and American liberal democracy, no. At least from what I’ve seen and all the so-called evidence of Russian agents working for the U.S. Government, all come from Tea Party or neoconservative Far-Right types. Who sees anyone even Republicans, who are to the left of them as soft on communism.

The so-called House Un-American Activities Committee, from the mid and late 1940 and then the Senate Army-McCarthy Committee, from 1953-54, did a lot of damage to America and a lot of Americans. Two major Congressional committees, that made Americans look bad simply because of who they associated with, or had contact with. The ultimate guilt by association, is what these two Congressional committees are responsible for. I mean, a U.S. Senator who is also Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, Joe McCarthy, accusing one of the most distinguished lawyers and the Chief Counsel of the U.S. Army, as being a Communist and Russia agent, Joe Welch. Is just an example of how bad this committee was and the amount of damage that they did.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Heritage Foundation: David Horowitz: The Black Book of the American Left

Heritage Foundation: David Horowitz: The Black Book of the American Left

Not the most disciplined presentation that I’ve seen from David Horowitz. He sort of went off in several different directions and talked about several different things. If you watch his TV interviews, he’s much more disciplined and stays on topic. I agree with Horowitz about the Far-Left and as far as what they’re essentially trying to accomplish.

That individualism, is essentially dangerous and individual freedom, should only be tolerated up to the point that the state isn’t literally making all of our decisions for us. Just the key economic and even personal decisions as well. Like what we can eat and drink, what’s good for us, what media is acceptable and how we can even communicate with each other.

That the U.S. Constitution, is outdated and is a big reason why America isn’t as progressive, as the New-Left would put it. Because it puts so many limits on what the Federal Government can do for its people. That federalism is even a bad thing. Because it means one state will be different from another and people might be able to live better than others simply because of the state that we live in. And the best way to achieve equality is to have one big unitarian central state. With most of the power in the country. There two countries that are roughly our size with governmental systems like that. China and Russia and the New-Left points to Sweden as their model for America.

But where I disagree with David Horowitz, has to do with New-Left versus the so-called Left whatever that is. We do have a New-Left in America and that is our Far-Left. And pre-1963 or so, the Far-Left in America was about as invisible as a Conservative Libertarian in San Francisco. Speaking of San Francisco, perhaps the capital of the New-Left in America and where a lot of their movement got started. Pre-1963 or so and up until Jack Kennedy was assassinated, the Left in America was JFK Liberal Democrats. People who would be called New Democrats today. Who loved the U.S. Constitution and our federalist government. But after JFK, America then got a Center-Left. Liberals, who believe in personal and economic freedom. And a New-Left, Socialists, who believe in equality over freedom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

C-SPAN: Video: Jeb Bush Presidential Campaign Announcement: George W. Bush Act II?

C-SPAN: Video: Jeb Bush Presidential Campaign Announcement: George W. Bush Act II?

I doubt I’m the first one to have said this, but I’m still having a hard time seeing the differences between Jeb Bush and George W. Bush. Sure, Jeb is taller and has his father’s height. And he’s younger than George W. and has a Florida accent instead of a Texas accent. But once you get past the physical and characteristics, how are the two Bush brothers different at all. Its one thing to resemble a successful popular President, either physically, or when it comes to policy. That can probably help you and what you have to do is show people where you separate and become your own man, or women. But it’s another thing to resemble a President that isn’t very unpopular and not considered successful at all. And Jeb, is in the latter category.

The other thing that I picked up from this speech, which is something The Daily Beast covered yesterday, was Jeb talking about if we can get to four-percent economic growth, we can create nineteen-million jobs. Well, guess what Jeb, we did that four for four years in the 1990s as far as economic growth and under President Bill Clinton we created twenty-two-million jobs in the 1990s. So is Jeb going to talk like George W, but govern like Bill Clinton politically when it comes to economic policy? And the rest of this speech is really just for his audience and his followers. “Barack Obama, is taking American downhill and I’m the guy to get America moving again.” And everything he doesn’t like about President Obama.

I don’t know what Jeb accomplished in this speech. He already has the establishment business friendly wing of the Republican Party with him. Being a Bush and everything, he’ll probably get the national security Neoconservatives as well. Especially if he keeps talking like G.W. when it comes to foreign policy and national security. But talking like G.W., won’t win Jeb the Tea Party, or bring the Rand Paul Libertarians with him. And sure as hell won’t win him the general election, if he gets that far in the fall. America, is not looking for another George W. Bush to govern them. And for a Republican to win the next presidential election, they’re going to have to be able to speak and communicate with voters who want something different. Who’ll continue to keep America strong.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Eagle Forum Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: “Women May Choose Only What Liberals Approve”: Equality of Opportunity Not Equality of Outcomes

Eagle Forum Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: “Women May Choose Only What Liberals Approve”: Equality of Opportunity Not Equality of Outcomes

Seems like every time there’s some big awards show, like the Academy Awards, or some other big celebrity culture event, one of the big celebrities there takes the time to weigh in on one of the big issues today. And because of the internet, social networking, blogging and how dominant celebrity culture is today, these events and speeches just get played up that much more today. So, what actress Patricia Arquette did while receiving her 2015 Academy Award, is nothing new. Publicly coming out in favor of what is known as pay equity and closing what is called the gender pay gap.

I at least believe if you’re a true feminist, you believe in equality of opportunity for men and women. And what men and women do with those opportunities is up to them. But if you’re more of a Socialist, or a radical feminist, you somehow believe that men making more money than women is somehow unfair. Sexist even, even if the reasons why the men are making more money had nothing to do with gender. But what they do for a living, or how they prioritize their lives. How they raise their kids and the relationship that they have with their wives and the roles that they plays in their kids lives.

If the question is should men, or women make more money than their counterparts simply because of their gender, I believe the overwhelming majority of Americans would say definitely no. Some at least on the Far-Right, might say that the women’s place is in the home raising her kids and taking care of the household and being obedient to their husbands. While some on the Far-Left, like radical feminists will say that women are superior than men. And should make more than men anyway just because they’re women.

Men making more money than women and vice-versa, is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s only a bad thing if they are making more money than the other simply because of their gender. Radical feminists, somehow view men making more money than women as somehow discriminatory, sexist even. Even if men are making more money because of how they prioritized their lives. And kept working throughout, without taking paternity leave to raise their kids. Which some men actually have done, taken time off to take care of their babies. What we should do is make sure that both American men and women are getting the opportunities to do well in life. And what they do with those opportunities is up to them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge: U.S. Senator Rand Paul Discusses Individualism, Freedom & National Security

Conservative Libertarian
Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge: U.S. Senator Rand Paul Discusses Individualism, Freedom & National Security

I don’t agree with Senator Rand Paul on everything, obviously, but he represents exactly what the Republican Party needs more of. Republicans, who can speak beyond the current Republican base. Anglo-Southern Protestant men, generally speaking, who look at America from a 1950s perspective. Who can speak to young Americans, who don’t want big government into their homes, but don’t want, or certainly not a fan of having big government in their wallets as well. Americans, who aren’t anti-government, but don’t want a big government trying to manage their personal, or economic affairs for them.

Senator Paul, can even speak to Independents, who do believe in the American safety net. Our economic social insurance system for people who fall on hard times and have that economic security in their senior years as well. Because what Senator Paul says, is that he’s not interested in abolishing Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and other programs. But Paul says, is that those programs should truly be for people who need them. And that all Americans should try to do as much for themselves as they possibly can, including working and finishing their education. And that these programs should be run close to home. Instead of the Federal Government trying to run everything.

Rand Paul, can get classical Libertarians behind him. When it comes to issues like personal and economic freedom and keeping big government out of people’s lives. He can speak to Conservative Libertarians on all issues. In and outside of the Tea Party. And he can speak to Independents and young voters and even young Democrats. Who again don’t want a big government trying to do everything for them. But don’t want government to go away either. Do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. Help people in need help themselves. And protect the country predators who would hurt us. And he might be the only national Republican who can speak to all of these groups right now.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly Governor Paul LePage Requires Work for Food Stamps

Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly Governor Paul LePage Requires Work for Food Stamps

I have no problem with requiring anyone who receives public assistance to have to look for work, take jobs they’re qualified for and even finish and further their education while they’re receiving taxpayer assistance to pay their bills. America is not Sweden, obviously. We’re a much more diverse country. Politically, culturally, ethnically, racially, national character. A much larger country and everything else. Sweden, does a lot of things well, but America is a country where you’re supposed to do as much for yourself as possible. And then government can help you out when and if you come up short.

But America is not a country where you can be expected to not only not work, but not even look for work. Even if you didn’t finish high school and decided to have kids before you were ready to raise them. Now, we’ll help you when you need it in order to get by and won’t force you to go without. But you can’t just take that assistance and sit at home and say, “I don’t have an education and I can’t get a good job. I have this public assistance coming in for me and my family. Plus private charity, so I don’t need to look for work.” Public assistance should instead be seen as a public investment in human capital.

That we help people who are down help themselves get themselves up and living in some type of freedom. Where they’re able to take care of themselves and their kids on their own. Which does several positive things and helps the economy in several ways. People in need get the assistance that they need and spend that money which goes right into the economy. But they’re also finishing their education, they’re getting themselves a good job, a good home and now have the freedom to take care of themselves and their families. Which means fewer people on public assistance and more Americans in the middle class and even doing better.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

US News: Opinion: Peter Roff: Bob Woodward: George W. Bush Didn’t Lie to Start Iraq War

US News: Opinion: Peter Roff: Bob Woodward: George W. Bush Didn’t Lie to Start Iraq War

Do I think President George W. Bush lied to get America to go to war with Iraq? No, but I’m not a mind-reader either. And besides, unlike the Far-Left, I don’t see George W. as a liar, or war criminal. But a good decent man who was way over his head. To go from being Governor of Texas, which is a weak job to begin with, where the State Legislature only meets every other year, to President of the United States, with no other public service position on your résumé and a fairly thin private sector record, is a gigantic leap. Sure, I rather have George W. as President, than Sarah Palin, but that is not really saying anything.

What I believe President Bush and his National Security Council did, was by the summer of 2002, they decided that they were going to go to war with Iraq. And take Saddam Hussein out of power if not kill him. And then try to make the case to the country and especially a divided Congress, with a Republican House and Democratic Senate, during an election year, that Saddam is still dangerous. And that he has weapons and they either need to be eliminated, or he needs to be eliminated. With all the so-called evidence of Saddam’s weapons programs and his ambition to have nuclear weapons. And as it turns out the Bush Administration had paper-thin evidence to go with.

What the Bush Administration did, was they decided to go to war. And then make the case for going to war afterwords. The original reason for going to war was to eliminate Iraq’s WMD and nuclear program. Well as it turns out, Saddam’s WMD were gone and he didn’t have a nuclear program. Probably because the United Nations weapons inspectors took out those weapons and programs in the late 1990s. So after we learned that there was no longer WMD in Iraq, the Bush Administration kept changing the justification for going to war in Iraq. Saddam was a bad guy, a potential link and supplier to other terrorists. Well, they were only right about one thing. Saddam, was an evil man and brutal dictator.

There people who are liars and people who are bad and even evil. And then there people who are simply just wrong about whatever policies they are pushing and trying to accomplish. George W. was simply wrong and didn’t have the information and knowledge needed to make the decisions that he did to make those decisions. Someone with better judgement, experience and knowledge and even a better national security team around him, doesn’t take America to war in Iraq. Especially without any real reason to do it other than Saddam is a an evil guy and brutal dictator. Which can be said about a lot of other countries in the world. Where America hasn’t threatened to even attack.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thoughtful Ideas: Blog: Alvin Rabushka: Whatever Happened to The Third Way of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair?

Thoughtful Ideas: Blog: Alvin Rabushka: Whatever Happened to The Third Way of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair?

Alvin Rabushka, is essentially right about what the Third Way is. That it’s a new approach born in the mid 1980s or so, but you could go back to Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s and Jack Kennedy in the early 1960s. That it’s a different approach and a center, between anti-government conservative libertarianism on the Right. That Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan put on the national scene in the 1960s and 70s. And New-Left democratic socialism on the left, that became dominate in the Democratic Party in the late 1960s and 1970s. That seek to create a superstate, a European welfare state in America. And make the central government responsible for looking after and taking care of the personal and economic welfare of the people.

The Third Way, is essentially a bridge between Barry Goldwater on the conservative libertarian-right and Bernie Sanders on the Far-Left. That says government has a role in seeing that everyone can succeed and do well and live in freedom. Just not try to do everything for them and run their economic and personal affairs for them. Through things like infrastructure, education, job training, economic development, economic opportunity, technology.

Conservative Libertarians, at least as far to the Right as a Ron Paul, says government has no role in seeing that people have the ability to succeed. That if government just does nothing, people will have the freedom to do those things for themselves through the private sector.

To Democratic Socialists as far to the left of Senator Bernie Sanders and perhaps most of the Progressive Caucus in Congress and their supporters in the Democratic Party and Green Party. Who say that the private sector can’t be trusted with the basic necessities of life. And that individuals can’t be trusted to make these decisions for themselves. That you need a collective doing these things for the people instead. And that you need government to do these things for them. Education, health care, health insurance, retirement, banking, energy and I’m sure several other areas.

What the Third Way says, that I’m a a part of as a Liberal New Democrat, is that an educated public is just that. That the more educated people that we have and the better educated that they are, to go along with a well-regulated, but not overly regulated private sector, the more freedom people will have over their own economic and personal affairs. And it will no longer be a question of whether government should do practically nothing, or everything for everybody. Because we would have a good government doing exactly what it should be doing. Which is protecting and expanding freedom in the country.

The Third Way is still alive and well in the Democratic Party. President Barack Obama, largely represents the this faction as far as how he governs. But uses different rhetoric to speak to more Democrats and Americans who are further left than he is. But there still a lot of Third Way Democrats in Congress. The New Democrat Coalition in the House. Tom Carper, Ron Wyden, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and several others in the Senate. And the next Democratic nominee for Senate, whether it’s either Hillary Clinton, or my choice Martin O’Malley, will most likely be a Third Way New Democrat. So Third Way liberalism, is still alive and well in the Democratic Party.