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Friday, January 17, 2014

Jay 88J: Video: Miss You, Tribute to Aaliyah Haughton

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Aaliyah Haughton would've been thirty-five this week had she not of died in a plane accident in the summer of 2001. The beautiful adorable Aaliyah whose music and voice was as beautiful and adorable as she was. Who also sang from her heart and what she felt instead of singing about whatever contemporaries were singing about. So you always knew where she was coming from and what she was feeling and almost thirteen years later. Still represents a huge lost to the rhythm and blues industry.

Aaliyah became big in 1993-94 at the age of fourteen or fifteen years old. I just happened to be a senior in high school that year and probably first heard of her by the winter of 94. Listening to the song when I got home from school one afternoon called Back and Fourth. Singing about a relationship she had with someone that I guess had a lot of ups and downs in it. I got to listen to her music for a solid seven years but not nearly long enough considering how much talent she. And how big her heart was.