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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buchanan Blog: Opinion: Is America Going to Pot? More Evidence That Liberals Have Won The Culture War

Buchanan Blog: Opinion: Patrick J. Buchanan: Is America Going to Pot?

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

All the evidence you need to know that Liberals are winning the culture war and paternalists on the Left and Right are losing the culture, just look at these personal freedom issues and civil liberties. And the so-called War on Drugs is a perfect example of that with all these states either having legalized marijuana or decriminalized marijuana and legalizing medical marijuana. But if that is not enough for you go to one of the generals of the Culture War coming from the Far-Right in Patrick Buchanan essentially admitting that marijuana is just more evidence of the moral decline of America.

As Pat Buchanan said on his blog today and I have his link up, it started with alcohol prohibition, then it went to the War on Drugs and outlawing other so-called narcotics that were popular especially with the Baby Boom Generation of the 1960s, to making it more difficult to smoke tobacco in America. And I actually agree with some of the tobacco restrictions. I’m not in favor of tobacco prohibition either, but the idea that someone should be able to force others to breathe in their tobacco in tight spaces, you are violating the person who doesn’t smoke the right to breathe clean air.

But as a country we are moving from an era where Americans believed government knows best about a lot of key areas of Americans lives both personally and economically, to an era where Americans saying, “no thanks Uncle Sam, we can manage our own lives. Thanks anyway.” I rarely agree with Pat Buchanan on anything. If he told me it was hot and sunny in Miami, Florida in July, I would get a second weather report from South Florida to make sure. But he’s right on the Culture War that it is almost to the point that the Right no longer wants to fight it. I already knew this, but to hear it from the other side is just more evidence that this is actually happening.