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Friday, January 31, 2014

American Enterprise: Video: Arthur Brooks: Why Conservatives Should Care About Social Justice

Arthur Brooks talking about creating a positive agenda instead of Republicans just saying what they are against. He’s arguing and has argued that Republicans need to offer what they are in favor of. His argument is and has been that Republicans and Democrats Conservatives and Liberals tend to want similar things when it comes to the economy. That both sides both want economic opportunity, freedom, economic mobility, self-reliance and self-sufficiency. But that both sides have different plans in how to accomplish those things. And what the Right needs is to have a plan that attempts to at least move low-skilled and low-income workers as well as the low-skilled unemployed into the middle class where they can live in economic freedom. And they don’t seem united in how to accomplish that yet. Lets say the New Gingrich/Paul Ryan wing of the Right seems to believe that empowering low-income adults whether they are working or not with educational and job training opportunities is a good way to close the income gap in America. But the GOP as a whole is not united behind that.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Washington Examiner: Editorial: Equal Opportunity Should Be The Goal, Not Equal Outcomes

Washington Examiner: Editorial: Equal Opportunity Should Be The Goal, Not Equal Outcomes

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

In three years this might be the third time I’ve agreed with the Washington Examiner editorial page on anything. And that includes all of their editorial columnists, but I think they hit a home run with today’s editorial. By saying that the real goal when it comes to the economy is creating an economic system where all Americans have a quality opportunity to succeed in America. Even if that means that some Americans have a better shot at success, because of how they were raised. But that all Americans have quality opportunities to succeed in America. That quality opportunities becomes universal.

This is the economic debate that Democrats should be having with Republicans. Instead of so-called Progressive Democrats calling for everything to be equal including income. That all taxes need to be so high so no one has too much compared with the rest of the country or doesn’t have too little. In other words quality of outcomes which is very different and bit more socialist. And economic Conservative Republicans, “saying that this is how capitalism works. That is some people have so much and others have almost nothing. So what because that is how capitalism works.”

The mainstream establishments of both parties including in the Republican Party understand that we have an achievement and success gap that leads to our income gap. And why we have a very small population with a lot of money and a large population with very little. Which is what I call the income gap and both parties have talked about how to close it. And this one thing I credit President Obama for because he has a real plan to close it built around education and job training for our low-skilled workers and a big believer in having a new national infrastructure plan. That would create more economic opportunity especially for the Americans that do not have it.

The Republican economic plan to address the income gap which I believe does not go far enough, is built around school choice and training for low-income workers and low-skilled Americans who are unemployed. And work requirements for people on public assistance. So the leaderships in both parties at least now understand that the education and income gap is the problem. And both believe equality of opportunity is the way to solve it. But the real debate now what is the best way to fix the problems.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

David Von Pein: Video: Firing Line With William F. Buckley: Mark Lane Interviewed December 1, 1966

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

It is now clear that there were many holes in the Warren Report on the JFK Assassination. They did not know enough about Lee Harvey Oswald and probably didn’t look into other possibilities enough when it came to this assassination, but they did get at least one thing right. That Lee Oswald wanted Jack Kennedy dead and had the means and access to shoot and kill President Kennedy. And he was the person who shot President Kennedy whether he was the only person behind the assassination or not.

I’m personally a hundred percent sure that Lee Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy. The question is whether or not he was the only person behind this assassination. Or were others involved in this plan to kill the President, or was Oswald acting on his own. And I don’t believe we still know the answers to that considering that were plenty of the people on both the far-right and far-left that wanted President Kennedy dead in Dallas, Texas alone.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You Hot News: Video: Full Speech: Republican Address to The Nation 2014: U.S. House GOP Chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

This is what Cathy McMorris Rodgers should’ve of said tonight

“Good evening, I’m Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State and I represent Eastern Washington. I’m Chairman of the House Republican Conference and tonight I have the high honor of giving the GOP response to what President Obama said tonight during his State of the Union speech.” And then get into what she disagreed with President Obama on in a respectful way and what she and House Republicans believe should be done instead. And where both sides agree on if anything and they want to work together.

What Cathy McMorris Rodgers said instead

What we heard instead was a biographical address and I know she’s probably not very well-known outside of the House of Representatives and perhaps the national Republican Party. And felt the need to introduce herself with more of a biographical resume. But she’s not running for president or vice president or U.S. Senate or governor of Washington State. Her job was to layout the State of the Union from a Republican point of view and what House Republicans want to do in 2014.

And plus even when she talked about what President Obama and said and then finally got into what House Republicans want to do in 2014, nothing but Republican talking points. “We believe in free markets, apple pie, hard work and the American way to go along with low taxes. And we are working hard to do this.” And that without any details and specifics when it comes to policies. And what policies they are in favor of to accomplish, their goals.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Newsmax: Video: Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: "We've Got to Turn the Elephant"

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

The Ronald Reagan/Michael Steele wing of the Republican Party is the future of the GOP. If they are going to be a big party in power in the future. And I put Mike Steele in the Reagan wing of the GOP because President Reagan is a big hero of Chairman Steele. And he is a big tent Republican who can speak to people outside of the traditional far-right base of the GOP and can communicate a message that appeals to more Americans outside of the far-right base.

The future of the GOP will need to keep the economic Conservatives who aren’t interested in government telling them or other Americans how to live their personal lives. And bring in Americans who like conservative economic policies, but get turned off by the Religious-Right and Neo-Cons when they talk about such divisive cultural issues. And try to nationalize social issues, when traditionally the Republican Party has seen these issues as issues should be left up to the states to decide.
The country is moving pass the Religious-Right and the Neoconservatives. And we are becoming a much more tolerant and inclusionary country. Something that only the far-right who still live in the 1950s culturally do not seem to understand. Who look at Americans outside of their base as Un-American and should go back to where they came from. As the far-right get’s even smaller and dies off, so will the GOP if they do not bring in new voters.
Big Tent Republican

Big Tent Republican

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Firing Line: Video: The 1988 Republican Presidential Candidates With William F. Buckley

The Bob Dole intro was the most impressive to me because of how real it was and how real he is. Talking about his parents and family and his background and where he came from. Coming from such modest roots and serving in World War II and being able to go to college on the GI Bill. And having the opportunity he needed to be successful in life and taking full advantage of those opportunities. To the point where he became Leader of the U.S. Senate. The rest of the group other than maybe Jack Kemp and Pat Robertson, were essentially country club Republicans, who were born with essentially all the opportunities needed to be successful in life. Not having to work their way through school, or having to serve their country before they were given the opportunity to be successful in life.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Channel 4 News: Video: 50p Tax Rate, Do Britons Think it Will Make a Difference?

I guess New Labour is going back to being Old Labour and talking about fifty percent tax rates. If you think taxes are too high in America whatever income level you are at, try living in Britain and you’ll think the taxes in America are almost nothing. Top tax rate in the United States currently is thirty-three percent. United Kingdom it is somewhere in the forties right now and then you add up all sorts of other taxes to pay for all the public social services in the country all run by the national government there and you could be paying as much seventy percent in taxes if not more. Even Britain which is one of the most socialist democracies in the world, puts limits on how much they want government, especially their national government doing for them and how much they’ll pay for it. As we’ve seen in the last four years of the David Cameron government there.

Friday, January 24, 2014

National Review: Video: FNC's Special Report: Charles Krauthammer: "For God's Sake, Why Do You Have to Talk About That?"

The easiest way for Republicans to lose the 2014 mid-terms and that would be for them to fail to win back the U.S. Senate and give Republicans a united Republican Congress at the least, is for their Far-Right to be leading their pack and brand and for them to look like they speak for the Republican Party. At least the GOP base and putting Republicans on the spot and having to take clear positions on what these radicals on the Far-Right says. And risk either having to offend the Far-Right. Or mainstream Republicans and Independents.The Far-Right wants to talk about abortion, gay marriage, homosexuality in general, women’s place in the world, Hollywood, as far as outlawing or restricting all of these things in the world. While the rest of the country which is most of the country wants to talk about the economy, foreign policy, terrorism and civil liberties.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

JC Western Wear: Cowgirl Boots Western Wear in LA Tribal Skinny Jeans

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat

I love dem cowgirls and this is one of the reasons. Which is their style and how they present themselves and how they carry themselves. They do the work and activities that cowboys have traditionally have done. But in the last fifty-years or so cowgirls have become probably as common as cowboys. And you see cowgirls doing the same jobs and activities as cowboys. Managing ranches, horses and cows, wrangling them up, you see cowgirls competing in rodeos and other western shows and not just as models, but as contestants competing in the same activities as cowboys. The western rancher profession s for both men and women, because it is not a job defined by gender as far as whether someone can do it successfully or not. It is defined by technique, skill, knowledge, execution and yes physical strength as well. But you don’t become a cowgirl if you are not physically up to the job in the first place.
JC Western Wear: Cowboy Boots Western Wear in LA Tribal Skinny Jeans

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Arpa Keun: Video: McCarthyism in America

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

McCarthyism in America deserves at least one long blog and probably several of them. But to give you a summary of McCarthyism. It was about one U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Joe McCarthy who was anti-communist to the point that he didn’t believe democracy or liberal democracy could survive in the United States with any link to it. Especially inside the United States Government that he had to do everything in his power that he had as a member of Congress to absolutely destroy it.

Senator Joe McCarthy saw his anti-communism as the ticket to bigger and greater things as far as his political career. And perhaps something that would get him to the White House post the Eisenhower Administration. And he took it as far as he could to get everything out of it that he could politically. To the point that he not only destroyed his own political career, but destroyed the professional lives of a lot of good innocent Americans.

Monday, January 20, 2014

National Review: MSNBC's The Cycle: Betsy Woodruff, "Prison Reform Proven to be Very Transideological"

You want to save money on government and keep taxes down whether it is Texas or any other state, then stop sending people to jail or prison for simply using or possessing illegal narcotics. And instead send narcotics addicts to drug rehab at their expense where they can get off of these narcotics. Without a criminal record making it very difficult for them to get a good job. And allow for them to be able to move on with their lives and live productively. If you don’t include corrections to go along with defense and tax loopholes as it relates to government’s budgets, but you are talking about fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction, you are just talking about those things. And perhaps using them for political gain, but aren’t actually serious in addressing those issues.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mistere: Video: Frost-Nixon Interview, The First Show

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

What I like most about the Frost/Nixon interviews is that we got to see the inner side of Richard Nixon. He was very protective about his personal life and his feelings. But David Frost got him to open up a little bit and perhaps President Nixon wanted to open up as well. And you got to see in this first interview Dick Nixon giving a little about what his philosophy on life is. And what makes people happy and how he feels about these issues.There wasn’t many times in Dick Nixon’s public life at least where we got to see him as the man. And not as a politician or president and that is one reason why the Frost/Nixon interviews were a success. Because Frost brought out Nixon the man in these interviews as we got to see him purely as a human being.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Helmer Reenberg: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy- Remarks at Multnomah Hotel: September 7, 1960

Senator Jack Kennedy offering a real liberal democratic agenda and vision for the country. Designed to move the country forward and expand economic opportunity for more Americans. Because of the civil rights legislation of the mid-1960s, as well as more education funding and grants so more Americans could go to college. A lot of that economic opportunity was expanded in the 1960s. And not just to Caucasian-Americans but African-Americans and other Americans as well. Jack Kennedy ran for president in 1960 to get America moving again. Real economic and job growth that reached all Americans and not just the wealthy and Caucasian-Americans. But for the entire country and thought America was in decline in the 1950s under the Eisenhower Administration.
Helmer Reenberg: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy- Remarks ar Multnomah Hotel: September 7, 1960

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jay 88J: Video: Miss You, Tribute to Aaliyah Haughton

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat 1975 on Blogger

Aaliyah Haughton would've been thirty-five this week had she not of died in a plane accident in the summer of 2001. The beautiful adorable Aaliyah whose music and voice was as beautiful and adorable as she was. Who also sang from her heart and what she felt instead of singing about whatever contemporaries were singing about. So you always knew where she was coming from and what she was feeling and almost thirteen years later. Still represents a huge lost to the rhythm and blues industry.

Aaliyah became big in 1993-94 at the age of fourteen or fifteen years old. I just happened to be a senior in high school that year and probably first heard of her by the winter of 94. Listening to the song when I got home from school one afternoon called Back and Fourth. Singing about a relationship she had with someone that I guess had a lot of ups and downs in it. I got to listen to her music for a solid seven years but not nearly long enough considering how much talent she. And how big her heart was.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

American Enterprise: Opinion: Phillip Swagel: Four Ways We Can Improve the Economy in 2014

American Enterprise: Opinion: Phillip Swagel: Four Ways We Can Improve the Economy in 2014  

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger  

Just to start out before I go any further. I believe there’s a better shot of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2014 or the Redskins winning the Super Bowl with Dan Snyder as the majority owner, than I see any bipartisan cooperation in this divided Congress. When it comes to economic growth, but just for the sake of this post if not for just the hell of it, if both sides actually worked together, this is what I believe they could get done based on what both parties in Congress want to do and where there’s already agreement.
1. Infrastructure
Let’s put a five-hundred billion dollar to one-trillion dollar national infrastructure plan over five-ten years. Including a National Infrastructure Bank that would be independent of the Federal Government. A public/private corporation that would run itself and not by government. That would fund a lot of these infrastructure projects all over the country. With private funds by brining in private investors who would make money off of these completed projects. That economic Conservatives should like this because we would be using private capital and private principles. That is about what is the right thing to be doing to rebuild this country.
2. National Energy Policy
We already have a Bipartisan consensus when it comes to renewable energy sources in this country. And a bipartisan consensus when it comes to oil and gas. The fact that we need to produce a lot more of both at least in the short-term to get off of foreign oil. The reason energy independence is now on the horizon for America, is because we’ve produced a lot more oil in the last five years. If we were ruled by commonsense, we would be doing these things creating millions of jobs in our domestic energy sector. But as Senator Chuck Grassley says, "Washington is an island immune from reality".
3. Tax Reform
For short to long-term economic and job growth I’m just talking about business tax reform. And greater tax relief for individuals and business’s to expand economic and job growth. So this would be part of my long-term tax reform plan as well. But short-term we spend somewhere around fifty-hundred-billion dollars a year on corporate welfare. When we also have a corporate tax rate of thirty-five percent, higher than both Canada and Germany. Germany the only large country in Europe with a strong economy now. Let’s lower the corporate tax rate two twenty-five percent on all profits made inside the United States. In exchange for either eliminating most of the subsidies. Or changing corporate welfare to corporate workfare and invest in things like.
A. Health insurance for employees.
B. Life insurance for employees.
C. Pensions for employees.
D. Job training for low-skilled workers and educated veteran workers who need additional skills.
E. Investing in America by either expanding or creating new factories, plants, offices and creating jobs inside the United States.
4. Immigration Reform
Pretty simple at least as far as policy. Bring in the workers that we need to do the jobs where we do not have enough skilled workers for those jobs. And bring in the workers that we need to do the jobs that Americans won’t do whether they are qualified for them or not. Bring in the 10-15 illegal immigrants in this country so they can pay their fair share of taxes. And fine for being in the country illegally based on how long they’ve been in the United States illegally. And no longer be abused by their current employers.

Just to be completely straight up. I sure as hell hope Democrats at least keep the majority in the Senate that they have now. Which I believe is possible and possible simply because their candidates and incumbents are better. And they won’t have a wildcard factor to deal with. Meaning far-left candidates trying to run for office either statewide or in swing districts. Unlike Republicans who still have these problems with their far-right and will have them in 2014. And would love to see House Democrats pick up forty seats. Not going to happen but whatever the Congressional makeup is in 2014, this is what I believe could get done without the partisanship from both sides based on what they already agree on.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paul Ryan: Video: NBC News In Plain Sight: Brian Williams Interviewing U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, We All Have a Role to Play

I rarely agree with Representative Paul Ryan on anything, but he actually makes some good points about poverty in America. And what I respect about is that he makes his points in an interesting way that leaves me to believe that and intelligent person can believe what he is saying. And say, “yeah I see how an intelligent person could agree with that. It might not be my approach. But it is a good alternative to what I’ve been talking about on these issues.”

Now here is where I agree with Representative Paul Ryan. Where he says that we all need to be in this together. Meaning the whole country when it comes to dealing with poverty in America. That the Federal Government can’t do all of it by themselves as much as they may want to. That the states and locals need to be involved here as well as the private sector. And for me that would be about empowering the non-profits in the private sector with the resources to train low-income workers. Give them health services, find and build them housing, give them childcare etc.

Representative Ryan was talking about the one size fits all solution to combating poverty in America. Meaning the Federal Government trying to manage everything themselves. That needs to stop and allow for the states and locals to have the resources to meet the needs of their own residents. With basic national standards in place, as well as empowering non-profits to deal with these issues. Empowering people in their own communities to take on poverty in their communities.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Newsmax: Video: The Steve Malzberg Show: PJ O'Rourke, Author of The Baby Boom: How it Got Away

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

First of all I love PJ O’Rourke, you know platonically because he’s one my favorite political and cultural commentators. And why is that because first of all his deep honesty and consistency. He’s what is called a Conservative Libertarian. Probably not a pure Libertarian, but a Barry Goldwater Conservative whose politics is built around government should mind their own business and not the business of the people. Meaning that government’s job is to defend the people’s freedom, not try to run their lives. Not one of the fake Conservatives who bash big government as they are sticking up for other parts of big government.

The exchange he had with Steve Malzberg about marijuana in this interview is a perfect example of what a conversation between a real Conservative like PJ and a fake Conservative. I’m not very familiar with Steve Malzberg enough to know if he’s a fake Conservative or not. But how they were talking about marijuana where PJ basically saying the cat is already out of the bag on this. Marijuana prohibition is a failure and besides we are only talking about a drug that has similar effects as alcohol anyway. With Steve Malzberg making the establishment drug warrior argument of why should we legalize another dangerous drug in this country. The same argument that could be made about alcohol.

I’m not a Libertarian but definitely a Liberal who takes the same viewpoint about government that PJ O’Rourke takes that it is not the job of government to run my life for me and try to protect me from myself. But protect me from people who would hurt me. By punishing them not by prohibiting what I can do with my own life. And if you are a real Conservative or a Conservative Libertarian, you have a very similar view about government as well.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Republican Leader: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: It's Time for Better Ideas

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell actually sounding constructive instead of obstructive here in talking about expanding educational and job training opportunities for unemployed workers as part of a deal that would extend Unemployment Insurance for these long-term workers. Who definitely need that income right now and is something that Senate Democrats should at least allow for a vote on. It is relevant to the legislation and would get these workers additional skills that would make to easier for them to find a good job and finally get off of Unemployment Insurance. If you’re unemployed right now, but already have a good education, but are having a hard time finding another job in your profession, the, the more you can improve your skills, the better your chances of finding a good full-time job.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fire Ice 1971: Video: Nixon 1995, Oliver Stone's Look at Richard Nixon

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on WordPress

Nixon is one of my favorite movies purely for entertainment value. And I believe Anthony Hopkins did a great job of playing Richard Nixon and Joan Allen did a great job portraying Pat Nixon. But I don’t believe the movie is very accurate as far as other things movies and books that I’ve seen about the man. I mean the movie constantly has Dick Nixon drinking some type of scotch or alcoholic beverage. And although Nixon was Irish, (ha, ha) people close to him said that he couldn’t hold his liquor. He would have maybe one drink after work and another with dinner. But wasn’t drinking throughout the day and during meetings and so-forth.

Also the movie I believe over-portrays Dick Nixon’s negative aspects. And again if you are familiar with the man you know he’s one of the most fascinating complicated politicians whose ever lived. And a big reason for that had to do with the fact that he wasn’t just good or just bad. That he had many aspects that were good and bad that people who worked for the man who have broad respect, like David Gergen or his second Attorney General Elliot Richardson, said that the man had some awful character flaws like not being able to trust people, to use as an example. But that he did a lot of great things as president like as they related to China and Russia.

Nixon is a very good movie from an entertainment value and as far as the aspects of Dick Nixon’s life that they covered. And was very well written with a great cast that also included Paul Sorvino, James Woods and Ed Harris to name a few others. But they left a lot out or didn’t cover some of the other aspects of the man’s life. Like his time in Congress or as vice president and some of his big accomplishments as president.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

GOP Weekly Address: Video: U.S. Senate Thad Cochran With the GOP's Weekly ObamaCare Statement

The GOP’s one horse race is ObamaCare even though that is not the only issue Americans are interested in. And if you look at the weak December jobs report and millions of people losing their Unemployment Insurance without having any other way to pay their bills. But the GOP especially the Senate GOP believes their best and perhaps only shot at winning back the Senate in 2014 and giving Republicans a united Republican Congress is talk about what they do not like about the Affordable Care Act and we’ll see how it works for them. Because the Senate GOP at least has no agenda of their own. Nothing positive to run on tell Americans why Mitch McConnell should be Leader of the Senate in the next Congress.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Townhall: Opinion: Daniel Doherty: Gallup Poll, Liberal Self-Identification on The Rise

Townhall: Opinion: Daniel Doherty: Gallup Poll, Liberal Self-Identification on The Rise

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

I’ve sort of been sensing this since the 2006 mid-term elections that Americans have moved Left. Not far-left, but certainly in the liberal left direction after experiencing five years of the neoconservative Bush Administration with the pre-emptive War in Iraq and another unpaid for War in Afghanistan. With the 2002 Patriot Act, the Bush Administration having four years of unchecked power basically with a united Republican Congress that the country was moving away from this and wanted a check on the Bush Administration and weren’t happy with the Republican Congress.

And as a result the American voters spoke in 2006 and gave Democrats Congress back, both the House and Senate. Seven years later Democrats still hold the majority in the Senate with a 55-45 margin. Americans weren’t saying that they want to go from the neoconservative right and the religious-right, to a more socialist direction on the far-left. But that unchecked power when it goes to far is bad for the country. If I had to testify under oath whether America is a center-left or center-right country, I wouldn’t be able to answer that because I do not know for sure.

But I do know we are a country that likes our personal and economic freedoms and do not want a heavy-handed big centralized government trying to manage our lives for us. But we aren’t anti-government either. We just tend to have a skepticism for big government and only want government to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves and based on this you could make a very good case we are a center-left country. If you look at where the country is now on marijuana and the broader War on Drugs.

Or look at where America is now on privacy, gay rights and so-forth and that we aren’t calling for a big expansion of government in our economic affairs either. That Americans tend to be mainstream with their politics, but so is liberalism in its classical form. This is good news for Democrats, but is also a reminder for the Democratic Leadership when it comes to recruiting, that if you are going to recruit and back the more progressive or socialist even minded candidates, to run for office it better be in areas where they can actually win.

Lets say more far-leftist areas of the country, at least when it comes to the country as a whole, where even big government economics, where a large percentage of the population is even looking for a bigger government even at the federal level in their lives. And that will mostly be in the Northeast, Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area. But for the rest of the country where the Democratic Party is strong, you want to have center-left Liberal Democrats representing you instead.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

FOX Sports: Mike Garafolo- Jay Gruden The Next Head Coach of The Washington Redskins

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat

So in other words the Redskins thanks to Dan Snyder go out and not hire the best available name out there. Instead they hire the hot guy so to speak, the up incomer, the guy who will generate the most buzz. The most sexy pick to use a bad pop culture term. But that is the Dan Snyder Redskins for you and get the most attention for the Redskins. And to sell the most tickets for the Redskins. Instead of hiring the most qualified guy to become the next Redskins head coach.

And if this is the case, that perfectly sums up the Redskins right now under Dan Snyder. Who are more interested in buzz and attention than winning football games. Also it looks like the Redskins aren’t interested in replacing the defensive coaching staff. I wonder if Jay Gruden will have any say in that considering he will be the head coach of the whole football team. This is a team that gave up over thirty points a game last season and only held one team to under twenty points. That being the 4-12 Oakland Raiders who actually won one more game than the Redskins.

The Redskins defense despite having pretty good personal on defense have never been good under Jim Haslett. And need to scrap the 3-4 all-out-blitz defense especially with that secondary. And go to more of a 4-3 gap or cover 2 defense and bring more pressure with their front seven. Which they have the personal, but probably not the coach for. Whenever the Redskins have been good on defense, whether it was the 1970s, 80s or early 90s they were a 4-3 defensive team that could pressure the QB with just their lineman and drop LBs in coverage.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FOX Sports: Video: Crowd Goes Wild: Dead Spin, Is Hall of Fame Vote a Good Thing?

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

I have no issues with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine going into the Hall of Fame today. No doubt they are two of the best pitchers of their generation. Frank Thomas a great hitter, but a below average first baseman and a long-term designated hitter. But my main problem with the 2014 Hall of Fame Class were the great players who still haven’t made it. Especially former Detroit Tigers great pitcher Jack Morris the all-time winningest pitcher of the 1980s and one of the best big game pitchers of all-time. And Mike Piazza the greatest hitting catcher of all-time. Who should’ve been a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Heritage Foundation: Blog: Jennifer Marshall: War on Poverty at 50: How to Fight Poverty and Win

There have been several posts about the War on Poverty already this week on this blog. And that is because and not to sound repetitive, but 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson declaring War on Poverty this week. And with poverty still be such a big issue in this country still having roughly twice as much people as compared with the rest of the developed world, now is the perfect time look at what works and what doesn’t when addressing poverty in this country today.
The information, evidence and facts are already in how to address poverty in this country. If the goal is simply to move people out of poverty and into the middle class. Having achieved economic freedom with the tools and income to be able to take care of themselves. Instead of saying that "we have a population in the country with practically nothing and what we are going to do is give these people very little in helping them pay their bills". And then make the claim they no longer live in poverty because if you add up all of their public cash assistance, they no longer are officially in poverty.
Again we know what works in addressing poverty in America. Yes cash assistance, but short-term so people on poverty know they need to get their acts together so to speak. And improve their employment outlook by finishing their education. And prepare themselves to enter and stay in the workforce with a good full-time job. If you are actually talking about moving people out of poverty and into the middle class.

What doesn’t work as far as moving people out of poverty which is indefinite cash assistance. Coming with no opportunities for these workers to finish their education. Nothing be expected of them as far as improving themselves so they can take care of themselves. Giving them more money if they have additional kids while still on Welfare. Or giving them more money not working than what they could make working. Even if it is a low-skilled low-income job.
The New Deal and Great Society were designed for the most part with some exceptions, to give the less-fortunate some cash assistance to help them pay some of their bills. But without a lot of resources and encouragement or requirements for these people to improve themselves. And look for work or go back to work. And yes we have had some bad economic times over the last fifty years. But in good economic times you still need good skills to get a good job that you are qualified for. Which is why education and job training are two of the big keys in defeating poverty in this country.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buchanan Blog: Opinion: Is America Going to Pot? More Evidence That Liberals Have Won The Culture War

Buchanan Blog: Opinion: Patrick J. Buchanan: Is America Going to Pot?

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All the evidence you need to know that Liberals are winning the culture war and paternalists on the Left and Right are losing the culture, just look at these personal freedom issues and civil liberties. And the so-called War on Drugs is a perfect example of that with all these states either having legalized marijuana or decriminalized marijuana and legalizing medical marijuana. But if that is not enough for you go to one of the generals of the Culture War coming from the Far-Right in Patrick Buchanan essentially admitting that marijuana is just more evidence of the moral decline of America.

As Pat Buchanan said on his blog today and I have his link up, it started with alcohol prohibition, then it went to the War on Drugs and outlawing other so-called narcotics that were popular especially with the Baby Boom Generation of the 1960s, to making it more difficult to smoke tobacco in America. And I actually agree with some of the tobacco restrictions. I’m not in favor of tobacco prohibition either, but the idea that someone should be able to force others to breathe in their tobacco in tight spaces, you are violating the person who doesn’t smoke the right to breathe clean air.

But as a country we are moving from an era where Americans believed government knows best about a lot of key areas of Americans lives both personally and economically, to an era where Americans saying, “no thanks Uncle Sam, we can manage our own lives. Thanks anyway.” I rarely agree with Pat Buchanan on anything. If he told me it was hot and sunny in Miami, Florida in July, I would get a second weather report from South Florida to make sure. But he’s right on the Culture War that it is almost to the point that the Right no longer wants to fight it. I already knew this, but to hear it from the other side is just more evidence that this is actually happening.

Monday, January 6, 2014

National Affairs: Opinion: Henry Olsen: Conservativsm For The People

National Affairs: Opinion: Henry Olsen: Conservatism For The People

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

“Conservatism For The People”, with all due respect what the hell does that mean? I mean if that is the 2014 Republican campaign slogan, you might as well run on American guns and Jesus and see how well you do outside of the Bible Belt. For conservatism to have meaning for American voters than Conservatives need an agenda with some slogan. That makes it clear what that conservative agenda is about and what Conservative Republicans are trying to accomplish. You don’t even need a slogan, but certainly an agenda about “this is what conservatism is and what we are trying to accomplish as Conservative Republicans.”

The changing demographics right now are a political nightmare waiting to happen for the Republican Party at least at the national level. And if they do not change course, they will get wiped out by them as a governing or even as a strong opposition party. Meaning controlling at least one chamber of Congress. Generation X, my generation and Generation Y are pretty liberal and even libertarian on social issues. And we are not crazy about big government either as it relates to economic policy.

Which is an opening for Republicans if they move away from their big government social agenda that is about forcing Americans to live the way they want them to and pretend it is still 1955 or something. By the way if you were born in 1955, you’ll be fifty-nine years old at some point this year. And probably have a kid or kids in the X or Y generations. This is a long time ago, but you wouldn’t know that if you follow the religious and neo-right of the Republican Party.

I’ve blogged about this before, but the path back to power for the Republican Party is back to the future. Not just speak highly of Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan, but embrace their politics. Embrace Ron Paul as well and this doesn’t mean you have to embrace his foreign policy and what he wants to do with the Fed and gold and silver and so-forth. But tell him “we are with you on economic and fiscal policy for the most part and we should work together.”

Time for Republicans to move past the religious-right and their big government social agenda and bring the Rand Paul supporters with them. Doesn’t mean they have to go libertarian on social policy. But stop trying to nationalize social issues and making your campaigns about Jesus, Gays and guns. Meaning trying to put Jesus in every Americans life and trying to kick Gays out of the country. And just running on guns when it comes to personal freedom, but saying “we believe in economic freedom and we aren’t interested in running people’s personal lives, at least at the federal level either.”

Maybe the Republican campaign slogan should be Back to the Future. Or its Morning in America again in the Republican Party. Meaning the GOP has woken up from their twenty-year dream or nightmare for a lot of other Americans. And they are embracing the 21st Century and are going to now adapt it. And they are still that fiscally and economically conservative party, that a lot of Americans use to love. Who perhaps grew up supporting Barry Goldwater or Ron Reagan, but now they are also that socially conservative party, but in a classical sense. That doesn’t embrace all social change, but is also not afraid of it. And won’t try to stop Americans from living their own lives.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gi Bomber: Video: ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball: MLB-1993-Dallas Rangers @ Anaheim Angels: Nolan Ryan's Last Game

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Nolan Ryan, what forty-six years old and still a very effective starting pitcher at this point and pitching his last game ver. Capping off a great twenty-five year career. Not saying he was the best pitcher, or the most dominant pitcher of all-time, but when he was on, he was those things, at least as far as what I’ve seen. He was generally very good, but not always great and have some games where he would become somewhat hittable and give up big hits and home runs. But when he was on, I believe he was the most dominant pitcher I’ve ever seen and the most dominant for the longest time.
A twenty-five year, you know and how many bad seasons did he have.

I just wish his last game was against a better team and it had something to do with who was going to win the AL West in 1993. But the Rangers who did have a good season in 93, finished eight games out of first place behind the Chicago White Sox. And the Anaheim Angels, finished tied for fifth place in the AL West and only winning seventy-one games. And in the Rangers case 1993 is pre-wildcard, so you had to win your division to make the playoffs in the American League or National League. And the Rangers being this far out of first place at this point of the season, meant this was their last game.
Nolan Ryan