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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Freedoms Lighthouse: Sean Hannity- ‘Maybe it’s Time For a New Conservative Party’: How About a Real Conservative Party?

This piece was originally posted at FreeState Plus on WordPress: Freedoms Lighthouse: Sean Hannity- ‘Maybe it’s Time For a New Conservative Party’: How About a Real Conservative Party?

Damn! I’m losing my mind, because I just listened to Sean Hannity the fairly well-known right-wing radio talk show and FNC talk show host say that maybe it is time for a new Conservative Party. But it gets better, because I actually agree with Sean Hannity on this. Perhaps the first time I’ve agreed with Sean Hannity since, well so long back I can’t remember the last time I agreed with Sean Hannity on anything goes back further than I can remember now. If Sean said it was hot and sunny in Miami, Florida today, I would go check the local weather report in Miami, Florida to confirm that.

Sean Hannity and I rarely agree on anything, but he makes a good point here. And maybe the only good news from the Tea Party Republican government shutdown coming out of this from the Republican Party is that the establishment Republicans take back the GOP. And the Tea Party bolts the GOP as a result and forms some Far-Right Confederate Party or something where compromise is truly regarded as surrender.

And where the Republican Party can rebuild and bring in the new voters they’ll need in the future. To stay competitive with Democrats in the future. That would be one option, but there’s another option as well. That the Republican Leadership or lack of it calculates that they need the Tea Party. And couldn’t possibly succeed in the future without it and does whatever they can to make sure they stay in the Republican Party. And as a result the Northeastern-Republicans and Midwestern-Republicans bolt the GOP to form an actual Center-Right party in America, perhaps an Independence Party.

And the new GOP puts a coalition together with fiscally conservative Independents and Blue Dog Democrats. Southern-Democrats who are fiscally conservative and socially moderate.The second option would mean the Republican Party would stop to exist as a major political party in America and would become a party of nothing more than a Bible Belt party. Made up of mostly Anglo-Saxon-Protestant-straight men in the deep South and rural America. Without the manpower or people power to compete with Democrats and anyone else really. With a large following for political power, at least at the national level.

Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1979-TWIB-8/07-79

Classic MLB 11: Video: MLB 1979-TWIB-8/07-79

1979, is still one of the best seasons in Major League Baseball and another example of why MLB should’ve went with the wildcard playoff format much earlier than they did, which was 1995. You had three teams that won 90 or more games in the AL East alone. The Orioles, Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers. The Yankees, won 89 games, but had a better record than the Anaheim Angels, that won the AL West. But because of no wildcard and that only division winners qualified for the playoffs, the Yankees didn’t qualify. The Orioles, were the only team in the AL East that made the playoffs in 79. Even though four AL East teams won 89 or more games.

In the AL West, the Angels won the division with 88 games. Their first division championship ever. And two clubs in the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers that battled them for that division. The NL East, you have a very good divisional race as well. With Pirates winning that division, who won several division championships in the 1970s and won two MLB World Series as well. The Montreal Expos, who up until the late 70s, were consistent losers, made a strong run at the NL East, but finished three games back of the Pirates. The Expos, were actually very good in the late 1970s and early 80s and even the early and mid 1990s. But only made the NL Playoffs once in this whole period, because they only won one division championship.

The NL West, only two teams with winning records, but two good teams. In the Reds and Houston Astros. The Reds winning that division with 91 wins, with the Astros finishing a couple of games back. In 1979, you had three great division races. The AL West, NL East and NL West. And even though the Orioles won the AL East by seven games, they also won 102 games that year. And were in a division with two other clubs that were good enough to be very good playoff teams, that won 90 or more games as well. And the Yankees, again if they were in the AL West, would’ve won that division. MLB, was behind the times back then and should’ve expanded their playoff format much sooner than they did.