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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

C-SPAN: Book TV- Howard Zinn’s: People’s History of the United States and Becoming a Historian: From 1999

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This sounds like a very far, or new-leftist take on American history and writing about it from Howard Zinn. I like his line though about that he’s interested in history, because he’s interested in the present. He doesn’t learn about history simply because he wants to know what went on before he was lets say around, or too young to understand what was going on, or things happening in his time, but he wasn’t aware of them. Which is the same reasons why I’m interested in history. Yes, to know what happened in the past, but to also know what worked and what didn’t back then and what we should do differently in the future.

Howard Zinn are arguing that a lot of our American history has been written about the American military and that our heroes have been military people for the most part and that they are all lets say Caucasian men and most of them Anglo-Saxon at that. That a lot of our history has not been written about African-Americans, or American Indians to use as examples. But there has been a lot of history written about the civil rights movement, as there should be. And lot of the leaders that have been written about were African-Americans. The famous and most important leader and hero of that era being Dr. Martin Luther King.

Howard Zinn, makes a good point about big government in America that is has always been here. I mean you could start with slavery and all the African slaves that this country held. Of forcing Americans Indians off their land so Europeans could live there. The early 20th Century of Jim Crow that prevented African-Americans from being able to go to good schools and even hold good jobs. Unless they owned their own business’s, but good luck doing that if you can’t get a loan from your bank, because of your race and color.

Where I differ from Howard Zinn is his point that America shouldn’t criticize other countries, because we aren’t perfect ourselves. That we can’t get on other countries human rights records, because we don’t have a perfect human rights records ourselves. Well if perfect was the standard for criticism no one and no other country would be able to criticize anyone for anything. And we would have a hard time improving ourselves, because people would always be telling us how great we are, or not say anything at all as far as what they think of us. Of course America is not perfect, but we’re a lot better than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and i

Reason Party: Oxford Union- James Baldwin vs William F. Buckley: The African-American Community

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Bill Buckley seemed to be making the case that Africans were better off in America than they are in Africa or anywhere else in the world. Which may be true, but the fact is the African slaves didn’t have a choice whether or not to live in America, or stay back in Africa and build their own countries and societies. And do well on their own and create their own wealth. Which is one of the things that Malcolm X argued for which was for African-Americans to create their. Own wealth and build their own communities in America.You can’t ask for a better debate about American civil and equal rights than to have Bill Buckley on the Right and I guess Jim Baldwin on the Left. Even though I don’t how far to the left Baldwin was overall in his life.
Reason Party: James Baldwin vs William F. Buckley- Part 5

Guy John: U.S. Senator Robert Taft on Meet The Press, January 20, 1952- Foreign Policy

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post Plus

America’s role in the world post World War II and where is our place in the world. And what we needed to do to defend ourselves and work with our allies so that Russia wouldn’t try to invade Europe and expand their Communist empire. Senator Taft who truly was a Conservative Republican perhaps the Barry Goldwater of his time and the Barry Goldwater in Congress of his time, made a really interesting point about NATO which is responsible for defending Europe for the most part. And a position that I hold today about who should defend Europe.

Senator Taft wasn’t taking an isolationist position on foreign policy as it related to Europe. He wasn’t saying that if Russia invades Europe, then that is Europe’s business and America shouldn’t get involved. He was saying that if America is going to be part of NATO, than the European states that get most of the security and benefits from NATO should pay for that defense. Instead of America essentially being responsible for the entire defense of the United States, which twice the size of the European Union in land and have to defend Europe as well.

And Senator Taft was right then and he was right today. America is essentially responsible for the defense of both the United States and European Union. Canada can defend themselves and is now committing the resources to do that under the Harper Government. But while America is still at or around four-percent GDP as far as national defense, Europe is at around one-percent. With Britain, Germany and France being a bit higher than that. But one of the reason why these social democracies in Europe spend so little on their national defense, is because they’re social democracies. They spend a lot on infrastructure and education and very little on defense. Because America is responsible for their defense.
Guy John: Meet The Press- U.S. Senator Robert Taft- in 1952