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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Betty Boots: Video: Cowboy Boots For Women

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For a cowgirl to be a cowgirl or at least a sexy cowgirl, she needs the right cowgirl boots that fit and allow for her to be a successful cowgirl. I don’t think cowgirls are cowgirl without the right cowgirl boots. And they go so well with tight denim jeans and leather jeans which are so common with cowgirls and cowboys. They are something the cowgirl simply needs to have to be a real cowgirl. Which is something I think the women in this video understands. And knows exactly what are the right cowgirl boots for her and knows what boots go with her jeans when she’s doing her cowgirl and western activities. This is just one example of why guys who aren’t cowboys and who grow up in an urban big city environment such as myself love cowgirls. Because of their style and how they present themselves and how they also take care of themselves.

Reason Party: Oxford Union Debate- Is America The Land of The Free?

Source: Reason Party-James Baldwin-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post Plus

Back in the 1960s America was the land of the free the home of the brave. But for very few people with African-Americans being forced to essentially live in an authoritarian state. And live as servants to the majority of the population and not as free Americans. But where would America be without hundreds of years of free slave labor from the Africans that the European-Americans got by kidnapping them from Africa. And brought over to America to work for free. Its one thing to pay illegal immigrants slave wages and pay them under the minimum wage. But that is still better than not being paid at all.

People especially on the Right in America always talk about wealth redistribution and transfers of wealth from wealthy people to the less-fortunate, as that is some type theft or something. But what about the hundreds of years of wealth redistribution that happened in North America from African’s to Europeans. Europeans living well and living wealthy and a big part of that having to do with the fact they got free labor from African slaves. That is the biggest redistribution from one people to another in American history.

This is not a debate about whether America is a great country or not, or what we stand for as a country and people is great or not. Probably only the Far-Left thinks we are not a great country with great people. And the Far-Right thinks that only they are great and represent the best of America. This is a debate about whether the principles of what America is supposed to stand for and what we represent, the basic idea of individual freedom and does that benefit everyone or not. And the answer to that is of course it doesn’t, because we have so many Americans who simply don’t live in freedom, but subsidize Americans who do.
Reason Party: Oxford Union Debate- James Baldwin vs William F. Buckley- Part 3