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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Common Sense Cap: The Phil Donahue Show- Milton Friedman On Why Capitalism is Best

Source: Commonsense Cap: Professor Milton Friedman-
Source: Commonsense Cap: The Phil Donahue Show- Milton Friedman On Why Capitalism is Best

This is an interesting debate to have, because when you are talking about capitalism, it depends on what version of capitalism you are talking about. Because there are several versions of capitalism. Like socialism, there are many versions of it. And another thing about capitalism is that it’s not a political philosophy, but an economic idea that private enterprise is best over state enterprise and state ownership, at least generally speaking. Thats what it is this idea that individuals are better off making out of life what they do themselves economically.

Instead of government trying to make their economic decisions for them and trying to run the economy for them. Thats Capitalism in its basic form. So when you are talking about capitalism, or debating capitalism, unless you are discussing, or comparing capitalism with state ownership, meaning government owns the means and production of society, you should know what type of capitalism you are talking about, because again there are several versions of it.

To know how there are several different versions of capitalism in the world, but also in America as well. Just look at Europe, which for the most part made up of social democracies, or socialist republics. But they all have private enterprise systems where the majority of the people in those countries work for private companies and organizations. But the difference being that they have democratic socialist systems. Where yes the economy and enterprise is private for the most part, but where the state meaning the Federal Government there plays a big role in providing human services.

Human services that Social Democrats and even some Euro Conservatives don’t trust the private sector to provide. Things like health care, health insurance, but most of the countries also have private hospitals and clinics as well. Plus private health insurers, take Germany which has a private health care system. And where there health care system costs half of ours, but where the state also has a role in providing these services. Education, pension, childcare to use as other examples.

So this is not a debate about capitalism vs socialism, but different forms of capitalism and which are better than the others. Or capitalism vs state enterprise and its real hard to make the case that state enterprise is better than capitalism. Take North Korea to use as an example. But a better debate is whether democratic socialism like you see in Europe is better than economic liberalism, or economic conservatism that we have in America.

Where we tax and spend a lot less, but where we also regulate like in Europe and where we also have a safety net. Both private and public to help the people who fall through the cracks of the private sector. And where we also have a public education and public infrastructure system so products that are created by private enterprise as well as their workers can move around in a timely and affordable way. But then you also have state capitalism like you see in China and now in Cuba a mixture of private and state enterprise.

The American economic system is not perfect and needs to be improved. But myself as a Liberal like the notion that individuals can make out of life what they put into it and be able to collect the rewards of their production. And deal with the consequences of their bad decisions with a system that promotes economic and job growth and success. With a good public education system,a good infrastructure system, a national energy policy that promotes and utilizes all of our natural resources and a safety net that empowers people who fall down so they can get back up on their own.

Commentary: Politics: Peter Wehner: Saving the Republican Party

Saving the Republican Party: pThe Republican Party is in trouble: In the wake of the presidential election, everybody has said so, and everybody is right. From there, however, a hundred paths diverge and a thousand voices have been heard. The relevant questions are these: How deep is the trouble? How much of it is self-inflicted and how much is a [...]/p

If you are going to write a blog with the title of Saving the Republican Party. Some questions need to be asked and answered like. Is the Republican Party in need of being saved. Is the Republican Party worth being saved. If it is how could the Republican Party be saved. If the answer to that question to the first question is no, then you believe the status quo in the Republican Party is fine or in good shape. But if the answer is yes, that it needs to be saved, then another question would be how to save the. Republican Part,  If the answer to the question is yes that the Republican Party is not worth saving. Then another question would be what would be next, do we become a one party state with the Democratic Party. In position to be the governing as well as majority party for years to come. Or does another party on the right emerge and what does it look like and what happens to the modern Republican Party without. Having the people and resources to remain a major party in American politics.

To answer a couple of my questions myself, I do believe the Republican Party does need to be saved and should be saved. And that the people and policies and politics are already there to make the Republican Party a governing party again in the near future. Probably not by 2016 if 2012 voting trends hold but within ten years or so. The other reason I believe is that in a Liberal-Democracy that has at least two political parties. The benefit of that is choice which is what you don't tend to get one party states that tend to be Authoritarian anyway to begin with. A direction that the far-right in America would definitely like to move us in but something the overwhelmingly majority of the country doesn't want. We need at least two strong parties that believe in freedom, a Liberal and a Conservative Party to balance each. Other out to give the people a good choice in who to vote for. The idea being that both parties believe in freedom and the idea being which party represents the best choice overall.

My argument for this is not that Republican Party has become too Conservative but they've become too far to the right. They aren't Conservative enough, they don't believe in enough freedom. The modern GOP has basically become a party that believes that government should stay out of the economy. Except for subsidizing big business and making it harder if not impossible for labor to organize. And have become a Theocratic as well as secular Statist Party on social issues and national security. That social freedom has to be restricted or even contracted for the good of our national security and morality. And somehow this also protects religious freedom and have expanded religious freedom to not only. Believing that Christians have the right to believe in whatever they want but to force their views in law over everyone else. Even if thats the overwhelming majority of the country and if the country moves to keep these views from becoming law. That somehow that violates religious freedom. And there just are not enough people in the country who share kind of thinking in the country for the GOP.

So how could and I believe the only way the Republican Party can be saved short of outlawing traditional Democrats from voting. In swing states which won't happen and of course thats a good thing but to save the GOP. They need to get back to being the classical Conservative-Republican Party that they were up until the early 1990s or so. And separate from the far-right in America or put them in a small box where they won't have enough power to cost the GOP elections, national elections. The White House or Congress, because without the far-right the GOP probably adds to seats to the House in. 2012 and takes back the Senate and probably wins back the White House this year as well because of all. Of those voters who voted Democratic would've probably been in play for Republicans if they didn't have. The Todd Akin's of the world running for office. So the GOP needs to do with Theocrats and Neoconservatives what the Democratic Leadership has done with the Social-Democrats or the far-left. And tell them you don't run this party anymore and you don't have anywhere else to go as well.

Its not that real Conservatives or Conservative-Libertarians don't exist in the GOP today. Its that they don't have enough of them. The Rand Paul wing of the GOP is not hurting the GOP but they don't have enough Rand Paul's or Ron Johnson's or Mike Lee's, Justin Amash's and others in Congress. And they need a lot more to be successful in the future.