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Friday, August 30, 2013

Guy John: U.S. Senator Robert Taft- On Meet The Press, 1952

Source: Guy John-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Post Plus

Senator Taft not sounding like an isolationist at least in this interview, but more like a Barry Goldwater Conservative Republican, but from the 1940s and 50s. A good way to look at Robert Taft at least when it came to foreign policy would be to look at Senator Barry Goldwater. Both men were strong anti-Communists and anti-authoritarians in general and wanted a strong American military and American economy. But to use those resources to defend America and our national interests. Not to try to police the world at least by ourselves. That our allies especially Europe needed to do their part as well.

What they were talking is here is how should the United States respond if the Soviet Union were to invade Europe. What is now the European Union. If they were to attack Germany, or some other country. And I believe what Senator Taft is saying here if that were to happen that the Europeans need to step up and defend themselves and not expect America to fight their war for them. Europe if it were a country, we would be talking about the second r third largest economy in the world even back then. As well as a wealthy developed country. So they should have done their part to defend themselves especially since they did border Russia.

I don’t believe what Senator Taft was saying here is that if Russia invaded Europe that America should say, “oh well too bad and good luck to you.” And that we shouldn’t do anything and let the Russian take over Europe and expand their communist empire. He was saying that we should help Europe and give them resources and perhaps even send them troops. But that Europe had to do their part as well. And not expect America to fight their wars and spend our money for them while Europe does nothing to defend themselves. Which I believe is a very mainstream position today and even back then.
Guy John: U.S. Senator Robert Taft- Meet The Press, 1952