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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Weekly Standard: Editorial: Abby Wisse Schachter: The New Paternalism: How Big Government is not our Friend

The New Paternalism

Does Liberal-Democracy come with risks which is different from being dangerous and the same thing with individual-freedom. Does it come with risks as well, does society as a whole and not just government have an interest. In seeing that the country is as healthy not just physically as possible if not a responsibility. The answers to these questions is of course we should and do but then the real question who should decide. Should government being trying to make these decisions for us as far as what we can do with our own lives or. Should the individual who knows himself or herself better then anyone make these decisions for themselves and. Then  have to deal with the consequences of their decisions on their own. For good and bad be able to enjoy the rewards of their good decisions so they are incentivize to make those same. Decisions in the future but also have to deal with the consequences of their bad decisions of their own as well. The difference between Liberal-Democracy or even Liberalism and Statism and Paternalism. Who get's to decide, who has the power over the individual's life. The individual or the state.

How you answer these questions pretty much defines your own politics and are you someone whose a Liberal such as myself. And believes in Liberal-Democracy or you are someone whose a little further right of me and a Conservative who believes in similar things. Or are further left of me that believes that personal-freedom can be dangerous because it empowers people to make bad decisions. That society as a whole has to deal with one way or the other. I always side with the individual because it's their life. And they have to deal with their good and bad decisions one way or the other. But what I do is eliminate the middlemen or middle women and say hey pal or lady it's your life make the best of it that you can. So you have as many good times and rewards as possible that come with living a good life. Because when you make bad decisions you are going to be dealing with those on your own unless you can get. Individuals who voluntarily help you out.

We all make good decisions and we all make bad decisions and we all get rewarded for our good decisions. And pay the price for our bad decisions and if government and today's Progressives who tend to look at government like it's their God or something. Were really interested in insuring that people lived a quality life as possible for them. They would get out our way and let us do that and incentivize good living and force us to deal with the consequences of our own bad decisions.