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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Washington Examiner: Editorial: Cal Thomas: Back to the '50s: How Individual Freedom has Progressed in America Since

Cal Thomas: Back to the '50s |

There is a movement in America that is religiously based at least to a certain degree. That believes America has gone downhill starting in the 1960s culturally and politically that because of the so called. Cultural-revolution that I wasn't around to experience but sometimes I wish I were. That America has too much freedom and we are less Collectivist as a country culturally with Americans by in large. Believing that we should be allowed to live our own lives and are against criminalizing things like pre-marital sex or certainly wouldn't like to. See it along with adultery, divorce, pornography, homosexuality and so fourth become illegal. That these are decisions for the individual to make with their own lives rather then government trying to do that. For ourselves and thanks to the 1960s Individualism became real in America. African-Americans and women now had the same protections under law as Caucasian-Americans and men in general. Homosexuals felt free to be themselves, immigration became more accepted and so fourth. And we started to become more a Liberal-Democracy.

The entire 1950s as a decade was not all bad and the entire decade of the 1960s certainly wan't perfect. But freedom became more available to more people in the 1960s then we've ever seen as a country. And the job of women were no longer seen as just raising their kids and then job of men were no longer just. Seen as going to work to support their wives and kids but to play more of a personal role in raising their kids as well. What religious and Neoconservatives like about the 1950s and keep pointing back to that decade. Was that it was Collectivist and Individualism wasn't much of a factor because when people did things that seem. Like they weren't mainstream they got looked down on as being Un American or immoral similar to how Neoconservatives look at Americans. Who do not share their 1950s golly gee swell view of what America should be today. And point back to a decade when the country wasn't as free for everybody or for people to be themselves.

We had our share of problems as a country in the 1960s with more kids being born never knowing who their fathers were. Or not having much of a relationship with them and spikes in poverty, the Vietnam War to use as examples. But it was a decade where freedom became available to more Americans and where more Americans felt free to live their own lives. Rather then feeling forced to live how their parents and grandparents grew up.