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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Washington Examiner Editorial: Competitive Federalism Can Restore Government's Credibility: How to Make Government Work Better By Not Slashing It

Examiner Editorial: 'Competitive federalism' can restore government's credibility |

This is the well second editorial from the Washington Examiner that I like. A right-wing newspaper in Washington that combines Conservative-Libertarian thinking with Neoconservative thinking. Sort of the Rand Paul wing of the Republican Party to go along with the Rick Santorum wing of the GOP. The first editorial I liked was back in December from Tim Carney a Libertarian writing about Jim DeMint's move. To run the Neoconservative Heritage Foundation so I guess there are two ways to look at that. One from a positive standpoint that the Examiner is getting smarter and understanding where the GOP should. Move to or the cynical way of looking at it is that maybe I should reexamine my own Liberal thinking because. I just agreed with the right-wing Washington Examiner on anything. Sorta like a Conservative might feel if they just agree with a Liberal editorial that was just came from the Washington Post. I'm going to go positive here because its about Federalism something I believe in. That would be the best way to reform the Federal Government.

I'm a Liberal-Democrat who believes we can't cut our way to prosperity that with a budget-deficit of 845B$ and a national-debt of 17T$. Which are huge numbers that in a weak economy we simply can't erase those things by cutting and that erasing them by themselves won't solve our economic problems. For whatever credit you want to give President Clinton and Congressional Democrats and Republicans for. Deficit-reduction and balancing the Federal-budget in the late 1990s. Those things never happen with the strong economy that came as well because the revenue would've never of been there to balance. The Federal-budget, so first we need to be doing things that get the economy going and get back to 4-5% GDP growth. And two hundred thousand plus jobs being created every month. And as you are doing things that can lead to that, then you can also look at how you can reduce the debt and deficit. By cutting, eliminating and reforming.

So if you are going to cut and I believe we have to do that. You cut and eliminate things that you do not need in the Federal-budget that are basically waste and you reform things that you need government to. Do but that are costly and you need them to work better. If you believe in Federalism and I believe in a Liberal form of it and you are looking at lets say the social-welfare side of the budget. You could ask the questions, do we need a Federal food assistance program for the poor. Or would be better run at the state and local levels. Do we need a Federal public housing program for the poor or would this be better run at the state and local level. Do we need a Federal health insurance program for the poor and the elderly or could these programs be better run at the state and local level. Do we need a Federal Unemployment Insurance and retirement insurance programs at the Federal level or could these programs be better run. At the state and local levels and you could go on from there.

If you are interested cutting your way to prosperity even though that will never happen. Then you are with the Paul Ryan wing of the Republican Party but if you are actually interested in solving our. Fiscal problems then you should look at the cut and reform approach thats a Federalist approach that says. The Federal Government should only be doing what we need the Federal Government to do and not what. We want it to do and that a lot of these things as they relate to social-welfare could be handled and handled better at the state and local levels. And we could save a lot of money simply by turning the responsibility over to the states and locals to run these programs. While the Feds serve as a regulator to see what works and what doesn't work around the country.