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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Prison Movement: Mark Karlin: "The Vast Majority of People in US Prisons Shouldn’t Be There, Period": How to Stop the School to Prison Line

The Vast Majority of People in US Prisons Shouldn’t Be There, Period….. | Prisonmovement's Weblog

To say that the vast majority of people in American prisons do not belong there is a huge statement and a tall order to backup. For the life of me I don't know where someone would go to find credible info to back that up or would just happen to come across it. Unless perhaps they simply don't believe in prisons, perhaps they are some type of Anarchist or some Neo-Leftist that believes that incarceration is never the. Answer to anything that what we need is understanding and be able to understand why people commit bad crimes. And for the people who still do commit crimes, simple probation or something is the way to deal with violent offenders. I'm a Liberal and proud of that and Liberals are taught as we should be to question authority. Not be against authority but to question the legitimacy of people who want to direct us. Are they qualified and capable to do so and as a Liberal who believes in individual freedom as all real Liberals do. For government to be able to protect freedom, it has to have the authority to protect us not from ourselves but. From people who would harm the innocent intentionally or otherwise.

The term soft-power was coined about five years ago and it was applied to foreign policy. And it was going to essentially be the foreign policy of the Obama Administration. I prefer the term smart-power as a Liberal and would apply it not only to foreign policy but national security and law enforcement as. Well and what that means is, that its not our physical and military capabilities that makes us strong. Another words how we are able to defend ourselves or what we can do to others that makes us strong. Of course we need to be able to defend ourselves in a strong and responsible manner. But its the way we use our power to defend us from either potential foreign invaders, terrorists or just criminals who don't. Believe laws apply to them that determines how strong we are or not. Law enforcement and corrections is a perfect way to look at smart-power. And I do believe that the overwhelming majority of people in Americans prisons belong there. We simply have a lot of rapes, murders, gang related crimes in this country. Its the people who don't belong in prison that I'm concern with.

If you are going to look at prisons, you should at least figure why we have them and what they are there for. Or at least what do those things mean to you. For me they are there to keep actual criminals people who would do harm on society and have hurt innocent people. Away until they are able to function in society without hurting innocent people. Except for murders who should never be on the streets again for at least I believe for obvious reasons. And these criminals would be the murderers, rapists, batterers, terrorists, gang bangers and so fourth people who are real threats to the nation's security. The number one job of prisons is to protect society from criminals. Its the other inmates, the non violent offenders, drug offenders especially, but prostitues, gamblers scam artists to use as examples people who aren't. Looking to hurt people but people looking to make a fast buck or who are addicts who don't need to be in prison. Who we can no longer afford to house in prison either.

We have roughly two million people in prison in America. Roughly five hundred thousand of those inmates are in prison for drug related crimes and I'm willing to bet the overwhelming majority of those. Offenders are addicts and users and it costs roughly 50K$ a year to house each inmate. Maybe another two hundred thousand inmates are non violent offenders who aren't in prison for drug related crimes. We are talking about serious money especially in an economy with high debt and deficits and weak. Economic growth money that could be used for other things. Which is why we should move these inmates out of prison and into rehab and halfway houses at their expense working and paying rent and. So fourth and leave our prisons for the inmates that we need to be there.