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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Review: Video: U.S. Senator Rand Paul at Howard University: How The GOP Could Appeal to African-Americans

This is a very smart play on Senator Rand Paul's part and probably something that will offend Neoconservatives who in the GOP. Who believe that Republicans shouldn't be interested to appealing to new voters but that their message should be able to appeal to anyone. And if some people do not like it, so be it we do not need them. Which is how Republicans lost in 2012 because the base that they have right now is simply not big enough and is getting smaller. Because its getting older everyday and what Senator Paul is saying is that I'm not with the Confederate-wing of the Republican Party. And I'm against racism towards African-Americans or any other race in America. And its not the Conservative message in the GOP that needs to change but the message that some Republicans who call themselves. Conservative that need to change or have a smaller voice in the GOP so the GOP can bring in new voters. And not be so dependent on Neo-Confederates to win elections in the future.

What Senator Paul is saying is that the Conservative-Libertarian wing of the GOP that without. Congress never passes the civil-rights laws of the 1960s and that the African-slaves would've never been freed in the 1860s. That believes in economic-freedom and choice thats also combined with personal-freedom and the belief in the civil-liberties. Is still around and we are here to lead the Republican Party into the future and back into power and its not us thats giving the. GOP a bad name and why we are so unpopular with racial-minorities and women in this country. But what I call the Neo-Confederate wing of the GOP that is the problem and that if you believe in. Things like individual-freedom, civil-liberties, against the War on Drugs which was originally a Progressive idea because its about Prohibition. Then its the GOP you should be looking at give us a shot.

Rand Paul the first major Republican to give a speech at Howard University since who, Ronald Reagan or perhaps Dwight Eisenhower even. Tells you how far the GOP that use to be the "Party of Lincoln" who freed the African-slaves has fallen. And that he believes Republicans can win this community back in the future.