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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Intelligence Squared Debates: Video: The GOP Must Seize The Center-Right or Die: How The Republican Party Becomes a Governing Party

I saw a clip from this debate last night to early this morning depending on your perspective. And former U.S. Representative Mickey Edwards had the best line I've heard so far. That when he was is in the House in the late 1970s to the early 1990s, he had one of the most Conservative voting records in. Congress he was a Republican-Representative from Oklahoma, this is not some Blue-State Republican that has to look. Liberal in order to get elected this is someone who represented Red-State America in the U.S. House for sixteen years. His next point was that if he were in Congress today he would have one of the most Liberal voting records not in Congress but in the Republican Conference. And thats my whole point is Rep. Edwards is no Liberal or Centrist but a real Conservative and someone from the. Goldwater-Reagan faction of the Republican Party which is where they need to be now and where they need to get back to in the future to not. Just become a governing-party again but to remain a competitive party in Congress House or Senate.

Forget about the White House for a second which of course is very important. But the Republican Party is having a hard time just winning U.S. Senate elections right now even in Red-States that they should. Win like North Dakota where the Senate-Democrats held that Senate seat in the 2012 Congressional elections. Missouri would be another seat they should've won in 2012 but where Democratic Senator was reelected. Who happens to be one of the most unpopular Senators in Congress right now at least in 2012. Claire McCasskil was headed towards defeat before Todd Akin made himself a national figure last fall. Louisiana with Senator Mary Landreu who was also a very vulnerable Democratic Senator going in gets reelected easily in a state. Where Mitt Romney won by ten points, you would think that if Republicans could find a sane, intelligent, alive, American whose also a Republican to run against Senator Landreu. And the other Democrats I mentioned, Senate Republicans win those seats going away.

As I've blogged before the problem with the Republican Party is not that its too Conservative or even Conservative. But that they aren't Conservative enough and have moved to the Far-Right in America and and have become a Theocratic-Neoconservative party. Thats no longer that Conservative-Libertarian party where they use to be and could win all over the country. Including in California and New York and their big problem is that they no longer represent the center-right in America. Which is where they need to get back to be a governing as well as competitive party in America.