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Friday, April 19, 2013

Commentary: Seth Mandel: The Right Way to Reduce Inequality: How to Empower Those at The Bottom to Reach The Top

The Right Way to Reduce Inequality: pThe most recent Gallup poll, which shows a majority of Americans believe that some of their neighbors have too much money and that the government should therefore confiscate and redistribute some of it, is likely to please the president, who based his reelection campaign on class resentment. Though Gallup paints this as vindication for the [...]/p

I guess there are a few different competing lets say ideological factions of people who do care about poverty in America and want to reduce it. That have their own policies on exactly how to do that. Conservatives tend to say that what we need to do is to reduce both taxes and regulations on the top and on employers. And then those employers would spend that money and invest it more in the country that would create more jobs in the country. As well as private school choice so kids in low income areas stuck in bad schools would have a good shot at getting a good education. Progressives or Socialists tend to believe that what we really need is an excise tax on the wealthy so we can spread out more money. Thats in the economy especially toward people at the bottom as well as invest more in public schools and infrastructure and job training. As a Liberal I like the job training idea.

And then Liberals such as myself going all the way back to the Clinton Administration and even further back in the Democratic Leadership Council in the 1980s. That the way to move people out of the bottom is through education reform, so students at the bottom could go to better public schools. And then have job training available for adults who are unemployed so they can have the skills to get a good job but. Also have job training available for low income workers so they can get themselves a better job and no longer have to work in poverty. Thats where I come down as a Liberal that if you want to have more haves and fewer have nots, then you should increase the economic pie. Instead of spreading out the current economic pie so more people can take advantage of it. That we need to encourage economic and job-growth, success, production and wealth and you do not do that punishing those things. But by encouraging people to do those things and allow for people who currently do not have to build their. Own wealth in America and be able to take advantage of it.

I do not call it income-inequality, I believe its an false term to put it lightly. Because the amount of money in society that people are able to make tends to come from the level of education that they have. And how productive that they are and the people with highest levels of education who create the most wealth. Tend to do better then the people who are not as successful but we do have an education and income-gap. With a lot of people doing very well but a lot more people who aren't doing very well. And to close these things we simply have to have a better educated workforce moving forward.