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Friday, April 12, 2013

The American Conservative: Edmond Burke Not William Buckley: Conservatism vs Traditionalism

Burke Not Buckley | The American Conservative

Where are the Bill Buckley's in the Republican Party and on the Right when they need them. This article in the American Conservative that I read today is an example of why I see Liberalism, Conservatism. And classical-Libertarianism as similar but different at the same time. Liberalism and Conservatism are not antistate but anti big-state that is government thinking it knows better how for the people to live their. Lives better then the people themselves which is what we are seeing now from Liberals and Conservatives as it relates to. The War on Drugs, War on Terror, the Gay-marriage debate, Prohibition of junk-food and soft-drinks and so fourth. And that Libertarians are of course anti big-state but today they sound more and more antistate all together and even seem to have problem with. Public police departments and so fourth, something that Liberals and Conservatives would probably never support. And to really know what Conservatism is about, you need to look at Bill Buckley who was a Conservative-Libertarian. To his core and continued to speak out against big-government across the board.

What we have now on the Right and in the Republican Party on marijuana and Gay-marriage are perfect examples of this. Is Conservatives who believe that these issues should be left to the states and Neoconservatives or lets say Traditionalists who are stuck trying to protect the status-quo. Because they see Conservatism as protecting things as they are when the Buckley-Conservatives see Conservatism as. Protecting individual-freedom and individuals from big-government. Which is why we are now hearing people who call themselves Conservatives sounding like supporters of big government when it comes to. Gay-marriage, the War on Drugs and the War on Terror and Liberals on the other side sounding like the defenders of freedom and choice. If the GOP had more Bill Buckley's and George Will's in the party today, then this would really be a party thats. Against big-government and the defenders of liberty as they claim to be.

Todays GOP is basically made up of three factions. The Bill Buckley Conservatives who are in favor of individual-freedom and choice but as it relates to both economic and personal-freedom. That big-government is too much government, as well as being believers in a strong defense and an. Internationalist foreign-policy and anti big-government spending and so fourth. And lets say the religious or Traditionalist wing of the GOP people who I call Neoconservatives who believe in defending the. Status quo that that personal-freedom is dangerous and that government needs to protect people even. From themselves at times and the Ron Paul Anarcho-Libertarians who tend to be antigovernment all together. And it will be interesting to see which of these factions in the GOP wins out.