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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AEI: Politics: Michael Barone: "Not Such a Hot Idea": Liberal and Conservative Parties: Why Voters Should Have Choice in Who to Vote For

Not such a hot idea: Liberal and conservative parties - Politics and Public Opinion - AEI

Its not that Liberal and Conservative that is the problem in the Democratic Party and Republican Party in America. Its the people further out of those two ideological factions that despite their small numbers in the borader American-electorate. That are the problems in American-politics because the leaders in the Democratic or Republican parties tend to be Liberal or Conservative them self. But aren't strong enough to take on their Far-Left or Far-Right flanks in their parties and even though if you put the Far-Left and. Far-Right together, you would still have a small political faction in America. But they are large enough in the Democratic Party and Republican Party that without the support of these factions. They could cause Democrats and Republicans and enough votes to win an election or force them to spend money. Early on in a primary money that they would need to defeat the Democrat or Republican that they would face in the general-election. Its not Liberal or Conservative thats the problem with our political system but our two party system that is the problem with our political system.

We basically have a two party political system with this idea that America is just made up of Liberals and Conservatives. Which is simply not the case, we have a wide range of Leftists and Rightists on both sides of the political-spectrum. With Liberals and Conservatives for the most part representing the Center-Left and Center-Right in America. And if thats all the Democratic Party and Republican Party were made up of. We would see either Liberal governments or Conservative governments or divided governments. But whatever of those three types of governments that we would have. The Federal Government would work and be able to govern because either Liberal-Democrats would be making the. Decisions or Conservative-Republicans would be making the decisions or they would be working together to make the decisions. Because now they would know that when they govern either by themselves or in a Bipartisan fashion. Now they know they do not have the Far-Left or Far-Right to deal with in the next election, someone who could challenge them in a primary.

If we had a political-system that wasn't two-party but we had 4-5 parties that all had ballot-access. That just didn't include Liberal-Democrats or Conservative-Republicans. But Socialists and other New-Leftists on the Left as well and Libertarians, Neoconservatives and Theocrats on the Right. The support for the Democratic Party and Republican Party would go up because thats where the country tends to be. Between Liberal and Conservative and not on the fringes on the Left and Right and the country would be a lot easier to govern. Because there would be more trust in Democrats and Republicans and more of a willingness to give them power.