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Liberal Democracy
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forbes: Video: Opinion: Fred Allen: Gun Control: A Congress of Cowards

I do not know if I buy the 80-90% figure nationally that Americans support gun control. But if I had to a guess I bet there's a solid majority of Americans who want commonsense gun control. Thats designed to keep guns out of irresponsible people who shouldn't have or manage guns in the first place. That type of gun control should be able to pass in Congress both the Senate and the House if this was about. Commonsense, we are not trying to ban guns all together and from keeping guns out of private hands. But we are saying is that mentally ill people and criminals should not have access to guns in America. Legally or illegally so we are going to require anyone who purchases a firearm in America to go through a basic. Background check to make sure they aren't criminals or people with mental health issues. Who are not responsible enough to be possessing firearms because of the likely hood that they would use them to hurt. People and that we are also going to crackdown on the black market sales and manufacturing of firearms in America as well. So criminals and mentally ill people do not have another avenue to turn to.