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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Washington Times: Opinion: Charles Hurt: "Barack Obama, The Spending Jihadist": The Whole Story of the Budget Mess in Washington

HURT: Barack Obama, the spending jihadist - Washington Times

Not saying that President Obama is innocent in this whole budget showdown and the sequester and so fourth or the debt and deficit. It was President Obama who proposed the sequester probably thinking that House Republicans would do what it took. To prevent the automatic defense cuts from happening and its a gamble that he's losing. Not realizing what House Republicans are really about right now is cutting the size of the Federal Government at all costs. Not wanting to take it out on defense, poor people who have to have the public assistance they get to survive. Sure because they are poor people and where are they going to go to complain to but as long at the end of the say when the budget cuts happen, even if they are across. The board thats what House Republicans run by the Tea Party are about and the economic Libertarian wing of that coalition seems to be in charge. So when Speaker John Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in the debt ceiling battle in 2011. I bet this was part of what he was talking about.

The main problem that I have with this to go along with the sequester, is that listening to people who were part of. The seven trillion dollars in increase debt spending from 2001-09 under President Bush talk about the debt and deficit. And the need to get these things under control, is like hearing an obese person talk about the need for good diet and exercise. What do they know about that other then what not to do, they don't have much experience if any what it comes to fiscal responsibility or balancing budgets. At least at the Federal level because they've never done it before and were in dead silence when President Bush. Was racking up debt in his eight years but now that there's a Democratic President, they see their opening to. Make the debt and deficit, as well as Great Recession all things that Barack Obama inherited when he became President. As if these things are his fault.