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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Southern Avenger: Politics: Jack Hunter: Libertarianism For Social Conservatives: Defining Social-Conservatism in America

Libertarianism for Social Conservatives - Southern Avenger

I agree with Conservative blogger Jack Hunter that social-Conservatism shouldn't be at odds with Libertarianism and that you can be both a social-Conservative and a Libertarian. But I would perhaps put it differently with a definition of social-Conservatism and I would also add that you can't be a Statist and. A Libertarian you can't believe in both personal freedom and that the state should set certain guidelines for how Americans should live their own personal lives. Even if people aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing. Its not social-Conservatism thats at odds with Libertarianism but its. Religious-Statism the religious-right in America, people who I call Christian-Theocrats who want to impose their moral.  Beliefs on Americans even through law that is at odds with Libertarianism.

What is a Conservative in a political sense, someone who believes in conserving freedom. That freedom is so important that it must be protected and defended, another words conserved so its not taken away. Thats what Conservative means, so when you see Conservatives moving slowly and that government closest to. Home is the best government, which is why Conservative columnist George Will is against the Defense of Marriage Act. For Federalist reasons because he believes it is a matter for the states to decide not the Federal Government imposing their definition of marriage onto the states. And that government should move slowly when it comes to legislating in a Conservative direction so peoples. Ability to make their own decisions is not interrupted by government with a government knows best solution and that a lot of these decisions. Especially as it relates to social issues but economic policy as well should be left to the states. Which is different from the religious-right who takes more of a Nationalist position when it comes to a lot of social issues if not all of them.

So if you are social-Conservative you believe in conserving social freedom and you believe in protecting social freedom. Not restricting it to only people who view America the way you do and share your political beliefs and lifestyle and so fourth. Or subtracting freedom in America because you don't certain activities and see them as immoral. But that the individual should have the freedom to live their own lives and not be interfered by government. As long as they aren't hurting innocent people with what they are doing.