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Friday, March 1, 2013

Red State: Philosophy: Labor Union Report: Agenda: "How Marxists Are Grinding America Down": The Social-Democratic Movement in America

Agenda: How Marxists Are Grinding America Down | RedState

As far as people who believe in what I at least call classical Socialism, which in short is state ownership. Meaning the state or national government owns the means to production in society meaning the economy. People like that in America are a dying breed and don't represent a major faction in either the Democratic or Republican parties. I'm sure they still exist but even the Democratic Socialist Party, the Green Party and Progressive Party all Social-Democratic parties in America. With Democratic-Socialists or Social-Democrats in them representing the overwhelming majority in all of those Social-Democratic. Or New-Left parties in America all believe in a certain level of private enterprise and Capitalism. But what separates them from the Democratic and Republican parties is that they all believe in a much larger. Role for the Federal Government in America as it relates to the economy, roughly twice the size and making our economy look more like Europe. The Democratic Party has a faction of Social-Democrats or Progressives who believe in Social-Democracy or Democratic-Socialism as well but they all believe in a. At least a certain level of private enterprise or Capitalism as well.

There are Progressives or Social-Democrats in America who see our Federal Government as undersized and underfunded and under taxed across the board. To meet the needs of society and there are Americans and would like to see the Federal Government not just have a bigger role in providing. Services to Americans but actually running these things as it relates to things like healthcare, health insurance, education. Private schools and perhaps even private universities would probably be nationalized if Social-Democrats ever came to power in America. With the Executive and Legislative Branches in their control and perhaps even banking as well but a lot of the economy will still be private. So basically we would still have a private enterprise system but corporations would be either less of them, not as large or. Perhaps not even for profit and where the Federal Government would be responsible for managing the services that Progressives don't trust the private sector to be running.

Marxists or Marxism, the so called Communist Manifesto, doesn't really exist as far as a governing document. That Americans looks to as their governing philosophy, the followers of this philosophy simply aren't there. What America does have are Democratic-Socialists or Social-Democrats or Progressives who are anti corporate or for profit even. But aren't looking to turn the entire United States economy over to the Federal Government.