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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Real Clear Politics: Editorial: John Kass: Will Tolerance For The Faithful Be Tolerated?: What Equal Protection Under The Law is About

Will Tolerance for the Faithful Be Tolerated?

Equal protection under the law is simply that, to say we don't treat groups of people better or worse then others under law. That government at all levels doesn't discriminate against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality and yes sexuality. Right now equal protection under the law applies to all classes lets say except for sexuality. Right now under law Heterosexuals that is Straights are being treated better under law then Homosexuals or Gays. Why simply because of their sexuality, they are entitled to get married and not lose their job and benefits and so fourth because of their sexuality. Whereas Gays in most states can't get married to people of the same gender because of their sexuality. They can be fired just because of their sexuality and so fourth and lose benefits or be denied benefits because of their sexuality. Again all things that Straights do not have to worry about. So right now as far as sexuality in America, we don't have equal protection under the law even though constitutionality we. Are suppose to have that but similar to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, not all Americans are getting their constitutional rights. Enforced as equally as others.

Not saying that religions and people of faith have to believe that same sex marriage and homosexuality is a good thing and approve of those things. Or that they can't protest against these things and write pieces about them and so fourth or that houses of warship have to perform Gay weddings and so fourth. We still live in a Liberal-Democracy and part of that is that all Americans are treated equally under law but. That all Americans have a right to say whatever is on their mind and believe whatever they believe and we still have separation of church and state. Something that Christian-Conservatives tend not to be fans of but in this case this is something they should support because their religion and churches won't have. To approve of same sex marriage and Homosexuality broadly and won't be forced to perform Gay weddings. And government at any level won't have the authority to force them to do so.

This is not about forcing Americans and organizations to approve of Gay weddings and Homosexuality. But this is about how government treats its people and do they treat them equally with the same constitutional rights. That comes with being an American or not and since we do have a equal protection clause, government is required under the U.S. Constitution to enforce the EPC equally for all Americans.