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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Human Events: Politics: Mark Levin: "The Republican Party Is Going To Split, And There's Going To Be Two Parties": What a New GOP Could Look Like

Mark Levin: "The Republican Party Is Going To Split, And There's Going To Be Two Parties"

Just as an American and a political junky even though my politics are pretty clear and I'm a Liberal-Democrat. But someone who just loves politics and political debate, partisanship at its best form which is intelligent debate based on facts. And giving voters a choice in who to vote for, I would love to see the Republican Party split. And see the Republican Party going back to being a truly Conservative party in the Barry Goldwater tradition. Rather then where it is now for the last twenty years which is really a big government Neoconservative/Theocratic party that believes America has been heading downhill. Culturally the last fifty years and that the main problem with America is that we are too diverse and have too much social freedom. I would love just as a political junky see the Christian-Theocrats and Neoconservatives people I now call Neo-Confederates. People who are still fighting the Civil War, split off into another party, some far-right party that gets taken as seriously as the Democratic-Socialist Party. With the new GOP being made up of Conservatives and Conservative-Libertarians.

Thats the only way to save the GOP, unless the Confederates in the party find a way to prevent people who tend to vote Democratic from immigrating to the country. Or deporting immigrants who tend to vote Democratic or preventing native born Americans from voting Democratic. New-Americans as well as young Americans simply don't like big government. They don't want its high taxes and regulations and they don't want it interfering with how they live their personal lives. And these are the people that Senator Rand Paul and other Conservative-Libertarian Republicans are trying to communicate to. Because they know the Republican Party is too small right now and only going to get smaller if they don't bring in new. Voters and you bring in new voters not by changing who you are but. Getting back to what you were which was an economic and social freedom party that believes in fiscal responsibility. And government closest to home is the best government.

The Republican Party right now is going through what the Democratic Party went though in the 1980s. After the New-Left came into the party thanks to the antiwar movement and the Great Society. And brought a real Social-Democratic flavor to the party that America is not use to seeing. Which cost the Democratic Party 5-6 Presidential elections from 1968-88, as well as the U.S. Senate in 1980. But the Democratic Party adjusted in the early 1990s and we see where they are now and the Republican Party. Is going to have to do something similar as that which is to get back to what they are. And leave behind what they've become.