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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Human Events: Opinion: Larry Kudlow: "No Sequester Catastrophe": Why Limited Smart Government Beats Small Government

Kudlow: No Sequester Catastrophe

Here we are back in that same old, actually ancient debate of not what the role of government is. Because thats definitely a legitimate debate but the old debate of small government versus big government. As if we are so simple minded and limited in our intellectual capabilities that we only have that choice. But thats simply the debate in American politics right now, big versus small, good versus bad. When instead what the debate really should be about, what's the role of government in America. What do we need it to do, which is different from what we want it to do and then limiting government at all levels especially the. Federal Government to only to the Constitutional things that we need it to do. Instead of big government is better then small government or small government is better then big government. Hopefully most of us believe that government should be limited and that there's a limit to what government should do. If we can just get to that point which is basic common sense but in an era where ideology and partisanship. Outweighs commonsense, commonsense tends to take a backseat and the rest of the country suffers as a result.

Anyone who thinks across the board spending cuts the sequester is a good way to cut the debt and limit government. Really needs to take a course in economics after they repeat all twelve years of education before college. Because they are really not smart enough to be in this debate. Cutting things that you need to do and work well as much as cutting things you don't need to do and are simply a waste. Like duplicative programs in government, is as about as smart as sticking your head in a fan when its on in. To get some fresh air and even if you didn't know that sticking your head in a fan when its on to get fresh air. Is a horrible idea with deadly consequences, chances are if you took a second to think about that before you actually did that. You wouldn't of made that horrible mistake, thats how dumb the sequester across the board budget cuts. So lets all agree that smart government is the solution and then limit the smart government to only doing the things that we need it to do.

So to throw out look at all of these countries that are growing well economically and compare then with countries that aren't. And then try to make the case that the fast countries are growing better with higher living standards and so fourth. Is a waste of time, the countries that are growing well right now, take Brazil which I believe is a better example then China. Because their per capita income is frankly twice that of China but this is not small government versus big government. But Brazil has figured out what they need their public and private sectors to do and only has its Federal Government investing in those. Things rather then trying to do everything which is how they have a limited smart government. Not big or small.