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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hoover Institution: Video: Uncommon Knowledge: George W. Bush From 2012

George W. Bush is a difficult topic for me because even I do consider him to be the worst President in my lifetime. All thirty seven years plus of it, I don't see him as evil or a moron that if I had to guess a lot of other if not the majority of other Democrats do. But if you compare President Bush with the Republican Party of today, President Bush is looking pretty. Damn good who was the last Republican Presidential nominee to get at least forty percent of the Latino vote to use as an example. If you look at where the United States was before George Bush became President in 2001 when it came to terrorism. And where it was when he left office in 2009, the country was in better shape at least domestically as far as being able to stop. Terrorist acts before they happened to use as an example, also President Bush wasn't a radical when it came to social issues. The first national Republican to come out in favor civil unions for Homosexuals couples to use as an example. He didn't really push social issues that much at all as President. So compare George Bush with lest say Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann, W is looking pretty good right now.

My problems with President Bush have to do with policy decisions especially as it related to the economy. I believe the worst fiscal policy this country has ever seen, whether you want to call it supply side economics. Or what I believe it is what former Democratic Governor and DNC Chairman Howard Dean called it, borrow and spend economics. Since President Bush then were so against tax hikes and bringing in new tax revenue across the board or cutting the Federal. Budget in any significant way, so when he and other Republicans wanted to do something that cost a lot of money. Lets say cut taxes by two trillion dollars in 2001 and 2003, or spend seven hundred billion dollars on prescription drugs for Medicare. As we were already at war in Afghanistan and Iraq and borrowing a trillion dollars for those operations. The Bush Administration simply just borrowed trillions of dollars from other countries to pay for those priorities.

The issues with President Bush wasn't that he was some type of right wing radical for the most part. Except in the areas of torture, Patriot Act, indefinite detention but that he simply made bad. Judgement calls and didn't have the leadership skills to tell Americans that we are simply limited in what government can do for the people. And that if you want us to do more for you, these things come at a cost and wasn't willing to ask Americans to pay for things they wanted.