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Friday, March 8, 2013

Heritage Foundation: War on Poverty: Robert Rector: Examining the Means-Tested Welfare State: The Role of Social Insurance in America

Examining the Means-tested Welfare State

The public safety net or social insurance is exactly that insurance that we all pay into through taxes and then only collect from it when we need it. Similar to people who buy disaster insurance or something like that for their home and then they can collect from that when their home is hit by a storm. And social insurance does a couple of thing. One it gives money to people so they can survive and pay their bills who otherwise wouldn't be able to do that. But also a role of social insurance is to buy people who are on it time to be able to put their lives together. Look for work, go back to school to get additional schools or be in job training and job fairs and so fourth. And social insurance also provides financial assistance for people to be able to do that and the better it is at helping people move off of public assistance and into or back to the. Workforce the less expensive it is because the fewer people who'll be on it collecting from it and the better it would be for the economy. More people working and paying their own bills with money to spend and so fourth which creates more jobs.