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Monday, March 4, 2013

AEI: War on Poverty: Arthur C. Brooks: Republicans and Their Faulty Moral Arithmetic: How Economic Conservatism Could Appeal to More Americans

Republicans and their faulty moral arithmetic - Society and Culture - AEI

I just wrote a blog on Saturday about how Republicans should save the Republican Party and of course its up to them to save it or not. As a Democrat and as an American I wish they would and coming up with an economic policy that appeals to more then ten percent of the country would be a great start for. Them along with eliminating the Confederate wing of the party as far as running the party and needing them to win elections. But for Republicans to knock the Confederates back, they are simply going to need an economic policy that again appeals to more then just ten percent of Americans and not. Trickle down economics but an economic policy that tells Americans that even if you don't come from wealth. Or aren't doing very well as an adult, the Republican Party is a good place for you because we have an. Economic policy that would empower you to be able to become successful in life. They knock the Confederates down and develop and economic policy that does that and you are once again talking. About the Grand Ole Party a national party that compete across the country with all racial and ethnic groups.

House Leader Eric Cantor and Representative Paul Ryan a potential 2016 Presidential contender last month. Had already started the groundwork of how to make economic Conservatism simply appeal to more Americans. So Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute and others aren't the only people on the right who and believe this. That todays Republican Party is simply not built to last and they need to bring in new voters to survive as a major political party. And an economic policy that appeals to more Americans would be a big start. And I believe its very simple and I'm going to try not to sound like an economic Liberal here which I am but economic Liberalism and economic Conservatism are essentially. Built on the same values but we differ on the role of government.

But Liberal and Conservative common values are essentially this. That all Americans should have a good shot to be successful at life and of course what they do with those opportunities is up to them. But that we should all be able to get a good education and then if we work hard and are productive, should. Be able to keep most of the benefits from our good works. So todays Republicans are right that taxes should be low enough so people are incentivize to work hard and be productive. But the missing link for todays Republicans is how does that benefit people who don't already have the skills to be successful in. Life and thats what they need to complete their economic policy and telling Americans that its not the job of government to take care of you. But what we can do is empower you to be able to take care of yourself and that all Americans are entitled to a good education in life so they never have to live off of. Public assistance as an adult.

What Republicans should be doing is building off of their accomplishments of Welfare reform in 1996. And applying that to the rest of public assistance especially Unemployment Insurance and empowering low income workers. To be able to work better jobs by incentivizing employers to job train their low income employees and for companies to do private job training. Where people on public assistance can go to get the skills that they need to get a good job. And of course education reform so no American is trapped in failing schools that lead to no future that anyone would want to have and they do these. Things then non wealthy Americans would say maybe there's a place in the Republican Party for me.