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Friday, February 15, 2013

Washington Times: Opinion: Emily Miller: Long Live Liberalism: Building a True Liberal-Democracy

MILLER: Long live liberalism - Washington Times

If you want to know what Liberalism is at least in economic terms and are worried that he it sound Socialist or like some type of Socialism. Then either listen to or read President Obama's 2013 State of The Union address again if you have to. And you'll have a very good idea about what it is because it gets to building an economic system that works for the entire country and not just for the few. And economy where all Americans have the opportunity to be successful in life with no guarantees. That at the end of the day what Americans get out of America is what we put into it and you want to know. What American Capitalism is, a lot of it is also economic Liberalism, this idea that from no matter how you start out in life. That if you get yourself a good education, are responsible, work hard and are productive. You can come from nothing basically and make something very good out of your life which is what millions of Americans have done. And why we have seen so many people around the World and how they've been lifted out of poverty. Because those countries have embraced at least to a certain extent the American Liberal economic model and have become less Socialist.

What President Obama and Liberal-Democrats want to do and Barack Obama has always been an economic-Liberal. At least since becoming President but what Liberals want to do in this country is take what works about American private enterprise. That people are free to make out of life what they put into it and manage companies or run them or start their own. Or have a career in public service and be successful at that and what Liberals want to do is make this system work for the whole country. So we have an expanding growing middle class, with more people becoming wealthy everyday. Because more people are getting themselves a good education and using those skills to be successful professionally. And we are lifting people out of poverty constantly because they are going to school or going back to school. And getting themselves a good education so they to can be successful in life as well. And not have to live off of public assistance either.

This is going to sound strange coming from a Liberal but to quote Ronald Reagan. Who lately seems to be the only Republican President we show much respect for. But thats what the city on the shining hill is and is about which makes America great. This notion that if you educate yourself, work hard, are productive, play by the rules. That you can be successful in life, Liberal-Democrats just want that city to include the entire country where 1/5 Americans aren't left out of living there.