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Friday, February 22, 2013

Right Coast: AP Md.: State House Bill Would Legalize Marijuana In Maryland: Why This Would Be Good For The Free State of Maryland

Right Coast: Bill Would Legalize Marijuana In Maryland: ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A Maryland lawmaker has introduced a bill to legalize marijuana.      Delegate Curt Anderson introduced the measure in...

I'm in favor of the United States Government legalizing marijuana at the Federal level. Or at the very least taking a Federalist approach and getting out of the way and not arresting people for using or selling. Marijuana in states that have already legalized it so of course I'm in favor of my home and native state of Maryland doing the same thing. Which would be an economic and fiscal benefit for the state across the board. In the areas of more tax revenue for the state. More jobs, more business's and so fourth, less people going in the state criminal justice system and living off of tax payers for free. As long as it was treated like alcohol and not given special treatment or treated worse. Twenty one or older to possess, use or sell, taxed heavily even, no driving under the influence and that sorta thing. And that treatment is available and fully funded for whatever addicts may result from using marijuana at the patients expense. Which won't be major problem because marijuana isn't as addictive as alcohol and tobacco.

From a philosophical standpoint from my own as well as Maryland the state I love. What's the state of Maryland called, the Free State of Maryland which fits perfectly where we are overwhelmingly. Liberal and Democratic where lets says Social-Democrats as well as religious and Neoconservatives don't have as big. Of a movement as they do in Vermont and South Carolina respectively where Marylanders are expected to be able to live in. A certain amount of freedom where we've just in 2012 alone legalized same sex marriage and casinos. Where we still lead the country in public education, we are still taxed too high from my point of view. But where we do very well in areas like infrastructure and education and where legalizing things like. Gambling, casinos and marijuana would allow us to bring down our overall tax burden and would also bring more people to the state to consume those products.

I don't see marijuana passing in at least the session of the Maryland State Assembly and I haven't seen Governor O'Malley's position on it yet. But at least its finally been introduced in the Assembly and we'll see where it goes in 2013 if anywhere.