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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New York Times: Video: State of The Union GOP Response: Full Speech: 2/12/2013: Not Ready For Prime Time

Before I get too far into this speech too far I just want to say first that I like and respect Senator Marco Rubio. Who to me at least not all by himself represents the best of the future of the Republican Party and represents its best hope of once again becoming a real. Conservative Party that can broaden its base past the Bible Belt and rural America and non Caucasian voters. But just on style alone Senator Rubio failed tonight, the whole water episode. Reaching for a sip of water while on live TV having all day to prepare for this speech other then to vote. On the Violence Against Women's Act and that was really probably it as far as what he had to do. Today so he knew how long he was going to speak tonight and had the time to make sure his mouth was moist. And so fourth and not to get dry in the middle of what was only a fifteen minute speech. The good news for the Senator was the the prime time game was already over and most of the country. Probably went to bed before the late local news which is really about all of the audience Senator Rubio had tonight. And yours truly political junkies.

But again this is a current affairs blog where I value substance and intelligence over style and ignorance. So one paragraph on why Senator Rubio's water episode is enough but his facts weren't very good either. President Obama is not trying to cut Medicare or grow the size of the Federal Government but to reform both and make them both more efficient as well as better. Which will make the Federal Government actually smaller and we heard the President's agenda tonight. Where's the Republican Party's, how are Congressional Republicans going to respond to President Obama. What's the Republican game plan and since Senator Rubio is a rising star in the Republican Party as well as Congress. And I'm sure in on these things, I was kinda hoping we would here that from him. But its not really his fault since Republicans are divided between the House and Senate and not sure who should take the lead. And how to counter the President whose approval and agenda are up.

I'm not trying to make Marco Rubio sound empty headed or anything because he's a good intelligent man. With a bright future if he avoids the Pat Robertson Christian Coalition church of politics but his speech tonight sounded like a classic Mitt Romney stump speech. Of speaking in values and goals without having a plan and policies to achieve those and I don't believe. He was very effective as far as his future or for the Republican Party tonight.