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Sunday, February 17, 2013

National Review: Video: ABC News: This Week: Dr. Ben Carson: President Obama's Policies 'Don't Lead to the Growth of Our Nation'

I guess I take a few things away from this video. One another opportunity to lets say critique the flat tax and thats putting it nicely because the flat tax now matter how its constructed. Even if it were at lets say 5% which no one that I know of at least is advocating. Because you would be looking at deep across the board budget cuts in the Federal Government that perhaps. Only classical Libertarians would subscribe to but most of the proposals I've seen the flat tax would be between 15-20%. And what are the effects of that, a 50-100% middle class tax hike on people making lets say 50K$ a year today. How are they suppose to afford that, we would see huge drops in consumer spending and a rise in unemployment as a result. Because of this huge new tax bill that so many Americans who are currently in the 10-15% tax rate would have to pay. As a result and on the other side we would see a 50% tax cut for people paying lets say 33% today in Federal income taxes. Money they probably wouldn't spend anyway because they are already spending the money they want to and need to live well. And people who are currently paying nothing in Federal income taxes, lets say the working poor would see a huge tax hike to. Go along with sales and payroll taxes they pay today money they simply don't have.

As far as President Obama's policies not leading to economic growth. He's the only politician in the Federal Government right now that has a plan that would lead to economic growth. In the areas of infrastructure investment, energy policy and tax reform, I would like to see a real. Deficit reduction plan from him which is still the missing piece but the rest of the package is there. Infrastructure investment to rebuild the country and plug the 1T$ hole we have there putting millions of people back to work in the private sector rebuilding this country. Not creating new Federal programs and government jobs but private sector jobs. Same thing in energy by utilizing all of our natural resources including oil, gas, coal and nuclear. But also wind, solar and ethanol and tax reform that also helps us pay down the debt and deficit but also. Encourages companies to invest, expand and hire in America rather then moving those resources to over countries.

Dr. Ben Carson is right to his own views but he's simply wrong about these two things. And President Obama is not looking to expand the Federal Government and make us look like Europe economically which of course is what Progressives want him to do. But instead he's very consistent with the American Liberal economic model thats made us the economic power that we. Are that only has government do the things that it needs to do to allow the American people. To do the rest and be able to build their own lives on their own with the tools to do so.