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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ideas In Action TV: Video: James Glassman Interviewing Thomas Sowell: A Conversation With One of America's Leading Conservatives

Tom Sowell even with his strong Libertarian leanings when it comes to economics as well as the War on Drugs. Showing strong Neoconservative leanings when it comes to foreign policy. With his position on Iran literally calling for America to attack Iran to prevent them from getting. Nuclear weapons and calling the Iranian Theocracy 'suicidal', even though they are back at the negotiating table when it comes to their nuclear program. Because the Iranian sanctions are working. If the Islamic Republic were suicidal, they would attack or invade Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Israel. Those are countries that could all wipe them out militarily if they were go to war or they would attack Iraq or Afghanistan. Knowing that America would respond and attack them back with air strikes and perhaps even ground troops. So this view that professor Sowell has about Iran is simply Neoconservative nonsense but of course people can believe what they want.

As far as Barack Obama and perhaps the Democratic Party in general. Its good to hear Tom Sowell admit that Barack Obama is not a Socialist, perhaps one of the few Libertarians who. Understands that, Charles Krauthammer the Conservative columnist calls President Obama a Social-Democrat. Which is another form of a Socialist as I've blogged before there are Socialists and then there are Socialists. And not all Socialists believe in the state owning the means of production to society and society as a whole. Social-Democrats are a perfect example of that but Social-Democrats do believe there should be a big role for government. In providing services for their people but thats not even where Barack Obama is. He hasn't expanded the safety net or welfare state at all as far as creating new social programs. Something that actual Social-Democrats have throughout the Obama Administration criticize President Obama for.

Tom Sowell really doesn't have a political party at least a major political party. He's obviously not a Democrat and doesn't fall inline with the Tea Party Republican Party today. Especially with the religious and Neoconservatives in the party but someone who examines ideas and policies from both party's. As well as push his own.