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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Human Events: Opinion: Pat Buchanan: "Who Killed The Middle Class?": How To Rebuild The Middle Class

Buchanan: Who killed the middle class? - Conservative News

To pose the question "who killed the middle class", as if the middle class is already dead. Is misleading and perhaps even insulting but the middle class is certainly not as strong or as large as it was just fifteen. Years ago as it relates to the rest of the American population, the only population in this country thats grown in that time span is the lower economic class. People who live in poverty and this has to do with several reasons. The Great Recession of 2008 that threw so many middle class workers into unemployment and into poverty. We've encouraged as a government jobs to be sent oversees where workers would make less money over there. When we could've had that economic development and those good jobs in this country. We've piled up debt and deficits in other countries trying to takeover their governments and trying to defend them, again money that could've been invested in America. And we've seen our infrastructure and public education systems crumble and not produce the quality jobs that. This country use to be accustomed to seeing, plus we haven't had the trade policies that get American products in foreign countries to be sold. And we have seen Americans buy foreign products because American companies aren't producing the material. That Americans prefer and they prefer foreign goods.

So thats the report of how bad things have gotten in America but again for every problem thats not fatal. There's an opportunity to solve the problem and the American economy is a perfect example of that. We don't have to live in a 1-2% rate of economic growth or not even growing at all. Don't have to do that and we simply can't afford to do it if we ever expect to get our debt and deficits under control. And start to create the economic and job growth that brings down our rates of unemployment and poverty. This starts in four areas, infrastructure, energy, trade and education. An infrastructure investment plan that rebuilds this country and starts to do the things for Americans that we've been trying to do in. Afghanistan and Iraq and puts millions of people to work in the construction industry. With all the new jobs that it would create but in our manufacturing industry because of all the supplies that will be. Needed to do that work.

We need a national energy policy that finally moves this country towards energy independence. But investing in all of our natural resources so we can export our energy and not import as much if not at. All which again means jobs in this country producing energy for American and other countries that are not. Producing their own energy and we would see a huge energy industry in this country with all sorts of new. Energy companies and not just in oil, gas, coal and nuclear but also in wind, solar and in ethanol. Again American jobs created for Americans in the United States and good jobs as well and adding to our middle and upper middle classes. And then we need a public education system, we already have private schools that do this and do it very well. But we need a public education system where most Americans go to public schools that produce the workers that will take these good jobs in America.

President Obama has already talked about the need to do those things but he doesn't right now have the partner or partners. That believe in these things who still live in a world thats bases their economic policy around cutting spending, taxes and regulations. Thing we should do in a strategic way but thats simply not enough to put our economic and fiscal houses in order.