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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RedState: Fiscal Policy: Erick Erickson: BRAC The Budget: New Commission To Cut Waste in The Federal Government

BRAC the Budget | RedState

I kinda like this idea from Erick Erickson a right wing blogger who I rarely agree with when it comes to policy. But who I respect for his observations about the Republican Party because he honest and just doesn't defend them because they are Republicans. I would probably go further and set up what I would call a Government Accountability and Reform Commission. Or GARC that would be permanent and set up similar to Simpson-Bowles it would be Bipartisan or even non partisan. And it would cover the entire Federal budget with a full committee, as well as sub committees under it. Similar to how Congressional committees are set up and run and would have subpoena power and have a sub committee. That would focus on one part of the Federal Government, a sub committee for defense, education, social welfare etc. And would cover the entire Federal budget, as well as look at things like tax subsidies, tax loopholes especially corporate welfare. And what are called duplicate programs, two different programs that address the same needs.

The job of GARC would be to examine what works and what doesn't work in the Federal Government. Look and propose to eliminate waste and look to reform areas of the Federal Government where we need the Feds. Doing those things but we need it to work better and be more cost effective, as well as ways to look at where. We can cut costs in the Federal Government by giving the states more authority and passing more power down to them. In a way that would make those programs work better and be more cost effective.