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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Liberty In Our Time: Video: Social Insurance: Paul Gootfried: "The Therapeutic Welfare State": The Role of Social Insurance in America

I don't like comparing America with Europe when it comes to the role of government. Because we are completely different societies politically and culturally and we expect different things from our. Governments, government in Europe tends to be twice the size of America as it relates to our GDP's. To give you an example of what I'm talking about, economic Liberalism comes from America, economic Socialism comes from Europe. And the system that Europe has up until recently has worked very well there and the American system up until recently has worked very well here. And both places or unions are now also in transition and reexamining what the role of the. Federal Government should be in America and Europe as well, so the role of government in both. America and Europe is definitely changing and in Europe I believe it will become more limited and in. America it will be reformed to work better and serve to empower more people rather then having so many. People live off of public assistance and as we are seeing in Britain and in Greece they are doing the same thing as well.

Progressives in America want us to look more like Europe, Libertarians want us to go back to the way. We were pre 1930s and the Great Depression but Liberals where I am want America to look more like America in the Liberal tradition. Where the role of government is to protect freedom for individuals who already have it and still deserve it. And expand freedom for those who don't have it but deserve it and need it and we'll see what the role of government. Looks as we move forward in this century.