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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Weekly Standard: Editorial Board: Compassionate Conservatism, What it Really is

Compassionate Conservatism

When George W. Bush first introduced or started using the term "compassionate Conservative" back in 1999-2000. When he first ran for President, some Americans and perhaps even me on the left saw the term as an Oxymoron. Compassionate Conservative, thats sounds like a jumbo shrimp or hot ice or something that doesn't sound right. Words that don't tend to go together but it is a real term and to a certain extent in things like education reform. And prescription drugs and empowering faith based groups in the War on Poverty, President Bush did make. An effort to make Conservatism look more compassionate, compassionate Conservatism is real. And so are compassionate Conservatives people who actually do care about the less fortunate but who don't believe. That its the role of government to take care of the less fortunate who can take care of themselves if just given the opportunity. But that government should be empowering these people or empowering the private sector to help these people. Become self sufficient and be able to take care of themselves.

Former US Representative and Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp and former US Senate Leader. And Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole were compassionate Conservatives, these were men. Who didn't believe in the welfare state and it was the job of government to take care of people unless they were disabled. But to empower people who currently couldn't be able to take care of themselves, Welfare to Work in 1996. Perfect example of that where the Federal Government finally said that its no longer going to allow low skilled. People or anyone else be able to live off of public assistance indefinitely but that these people should be empowered. To go to work or go back to work and get a good job, that it was the job of public assistance to put people back to work. Not leave them on public assistance indefinitely, now you could argue that Welfare to Work was a compassionate Conservative idea. But you can also argue that its compassionate Liberal as well.

The new compassionate Conservatives in the Republican Party people who'll be able to appeal outside of the. Traditional Republican base that they'll have to do in order to remain a major political party in the future are. Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio and others who are students and admirers of Jack Kemp Conservatism. That believe that government can play a role in empowering people to get out of poverty but that the private sector could also play a role here. By encouraging the private sector to invest in low income communities and train their low skilled workers. To get better jobs and we'll see what kind of influence that compassionate Conservatism has on the GOP in the future.