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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RT: Video: Breaking The Set: Abby Martin: "Death of The Liberal Class", OWS With Chris Hedges: The New-Left in America

I disagree with Progressive author Chris Hedges on this point about what he calls "The Death of The Liberal Class". That what America has now is two Leftist movements or even three. But that the FDR coalition of Progressives who were basically Democratic-Socialists on economic policy. People like Henry Wallace but were tough cold warriors and Liberal-Internationalists when it came to. National security and foreign policy who were against Communism and Authoritarianism in general and didn't have much respect for classical Socialism. But believed in a strong safety net to protect the vulnerable and perform services that they don't trust the private. Sector to be doing, people like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson, who created the New Deal and Great Society. But remember its Democrats that built up the so national security state and council in this country. To make us strong enough militarily to defend this country but also to be a force for good around the World. And how the United Nations and NATO got created and Europe responding with the European Union and so fourth.

Thats the old left, the New-Left emerged in the 1960s as an antiwar movement against the Vietnam War. But also calling for things like what they call social justice and creating an economic system that would produce a fairer economic system in this country. Thats government based and would build off of the New Deal and Great Society. The New-Left is the Occupy Wall Street movement of today that Chris Hedges as well as the Russian owned Russia Today. New network are apart of, I myself am not apart of either left in this country. I guess the left I'm apart of what would be called the Reformed-Left something that the Labor Party in. Britain went through in the 1990s under Tony Blair and something apparently they moved away from. Since Prime Minister Blair left office in 2007, the Reformed-Left in America started with. Jack Kennedy in 1960 and was revitalized by Bill Clinton, Mike Duakis and other so called. New-Democrats in the 1980s and 1990s. John Kerry is part of this movement and so is Barack Obama today.

The Reformed-Left is the real Liberal movement in America thats built around individual freedom. But individual freedom across the board and for all Americans, including Americans who don't fit into the Neoconservative Tea Party view of what America is. They represent a big part of the Barack Obama Liberal-Democratic coalition that got the President reelected. And we believe in things like freedom across the board for all Americans, as well as. Constitutional and individual rights for all Americans and we are simply not as Progressive or Socialist. As the New-Left and tend to differ on economic and foreign policy and represent this battle. Of ideas and control of the Democratic Party today.