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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Human Events: Politics: Pat Buchanan: Is Barack Obama Shaping a New Majority?: The New Democratic Majority in America

Pat Buchanan: Is Obama shaping a new majority? - Conservative News

I'm not sure what Barack Obama has done is create a new Democratic majority but has built off of the old Bill Clinton majority of the 1990s. People who are no longer in their twenties or teens but who are now thirties, forties and fifties and has added the twenty something generation. Generation Y, the last twenty years or so the Democratic Party has added most of the young adults in this country. They are all Democrats for the most part and without the voters Barack Obama is never elected President. Let alone reelected President of the United States and these are the same voters who almost put John Kerry in the. White House in 2004 but not enough of them voting yet to make that happen for Senator Kerry. And as the country is getting younger, we are getting more Liberal and Libertarian and more tolerant of people who. Aren't exactly like us and the Democratic Party is getting younger and becoming more Liberal as well but Liberal in the classical sense. Not what's called "Modern Liberalism" today these are voters who all love America for the most part. All love freedom but across the board for all Americans and get turned off by people who they see as intolerant. Which is how both Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock both lost US Senate Elections they should've won because they were both seen as intolerant.

Today we are looking at the New Democratic Party, a party that Bill Clinton and other New-Democrats built in the 1980s. And capitalized on in the 1990s that of course had a bit of a setback in the 1994 Congressional elections. But the reason why the first Democrat to be elected President in 1992 since 1976 in Bill Clinton and the first Democratic President. Reelected President since Franklin Roosevelt, because the Democratic Party was no longer seen as a Big Government Socialist Party. But a party that believed in things like national security, defending the nation, law enforcement, fiscal responsibility. But that we also believe in social freedom and civil rights and equality of opportunity. To go along with economic freedom and limited government. But that government could also serve to help people who are down by helping them get on their feet. Which is what Welfare to Work in 1996 was about, its not that the Democratic Party moved to the center but that it moved from the far-left to the center-left.

When President Clinton left office in 2001 and George W. Bush becomes President, the DP like most opposition parties in America. Were left without a Leader until Barack Obama wins the Democratic President nomination in 2008. And what then Senator Obama did was to build off the old Bill Clinton New-Democratic coalition. And bring in new voters to the party that I just described who had never voted before and thats the Democratic Party we see today.