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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Human Events: Current Affairs: Anne Coulter: "Guns Don't Kill People, The Mentally Ill Do": One Way To Curb Gun Violence

Coulter: Guns don't kill people, the mentally ill do - Conservative News

I actually agree with Anne Coulter at least to this extent, that mental illness kills people not just the people who. Have it but depending on how bad the condition is, it kills people who are exposed to people with serious mental conditions. Who suffer from paranoia and so fourth and don't see the World clearly, now after agreeing with Anne Coulter on anything. Now I think I have to vomit but I'll try to hold it in until the conclusion of this post. To suggest that guns have nothing to do to kill people is ignoring intelligence and common sense, something that Anne Coulter is far too often guilty of. Criminals and the mentally ill that use guns end up killing people with guns and to make it so obvious that anyone could understand. If you point your finger at someone or make your hand look like a gun with your pointer finger stuck out. And you pull your thumb down as if you were pulling the trigger on the gun, guess what you've shot no one. You know a kid could understand that but if you're holding a gun and pointing the barrel of the gun at someone. And a gun with bullets and you pull the trigger, you'll end up at shooting that person if you don't miss. And you'll end up at least injuring that person.

I said this a month ago that gun control is not enough to solve our gun violence problem in this country. That we need a comprehensive approach where sensible common sense gun control is part of that. But where we also look at mental healthcare in this country and look at how we finance it as long as fully. Financing mental healthcare in America and looking at how we regulate our entertainment industry. And doing things like making mental records open to institutions that educate and hire people, as well as. Housing so we can limit the amount of mentally ill people who are dangerous to either themselves. Or to others as well is something that we are going to have to do and the questions of privacy will come up. But for anyone whose concern about the right to life in America should be more concern with the right of. Innocent Americans to be able to live their own lives and not have to live in the fear, should be a bigger concern. Then the right of privacy for dangerous people, so we are going to have to balance both.

So allowing for institutions to have access to people who do business there or work there, get educated there. To those peoples mental records as long as they don't make those records public, as long with fully financing mental healthcare in this country. So we are no longer releasing mental patients because mental hospitals can no longer afford to take care of them. Or mental patients not getting the care they need because they can't afford it. Needs to stop and doing those things would go a long way along with sensible common sense gun control in curbing gun violence.