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Friday, January 11, 2013

Commentary: Foreign Affairs: Jonathan S. Tobin: "Money Alone Won’t Bail Out The West Bank": The Future of Palestine

Money Alone Won’t Bail Out the West Bank: pAs I noted yesterday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is on the road this week attempting to persuade Arab countries to give him money. Unfortunately for Abbas, his upgrade at the United Nations last month hasn’t made his panhandling act any more popular with those who voted to upgrade his status at the world body. [...]/p

Palestine or the Palestinian Authority as its officially called is basically and independent state, province or republic. Of the State of Israel, its not like a state in America like California or even a American commonwealth. Like Puerto Rico that basically governs its owns affairs except as it relates to national security, foreign policy and the currency. Palestine right now is basically a country inside of another country without the full authority to govern its own affairs. Israel or Palestine are essentially made up of two countries, the Jewish State of Israel in the East and the Palestinian State of Palestine. In the West and South with most of the authority and power going to Israel and the Israeli's. With Palestine having the ability to govern its own domestic affairs and to a certain extent their foreign affairs. The ability to talk and communicate with foreign leaders but in a lot of cases without the resources to govern their own. Affairs so on a lot of ways the Palestinian Authority has been set up to fail without the ability to draw the resources to govern themselves.

Even if Israel and Palestine were to somehow reach a final two state solution with Israel and an independent Palestinian state. That might not be the right future of Palestine, because Israel would still run through  two of the states in Palestine. Gaza and West Bank so and unless Palestine has the ability and resources to govern themselves, with their own currency. And the ability to tax and develop their own economy to meet the needs of their people and the ability to defend themselves. With a solid law enforcement and military, Palestine might not be worth governing or having. So going forward for any Palestinian state thats not part of Israel where Israel no longer has the authority over. Palestinian affairs, Palestine has to have a credible and solid government that can govern and defend the country. This is an area thats in need of serious nation building for Palestine to succeed in the future.

For Palestine to succeed it has to be governable which is not the current situation with the ability to take on. Terrorists so they can't attack Palestine or Israel so the Palestinian economy can be developed, boys and girls. Going to school and getting a good education, job and companies being created in Palestine and so fourth. And an independent State of Palestine might not be the way forward but they need to break away from Israel. For Palestine to be secure in the future and perhaps the future of Palestine is a greater Palestine that would. Include Gaza, West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon and maybe down the road Syria but for any of these things to happen in the future. Palestine has to be able to govern and defend themselves with the resources to do so.