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Friday, January 18, 2013

AEI: Politics: Jonah Goldberg: "Wake Up, Socially Liberal Fiscal Conservatives": The Future of The Republican Party

Wake up, socially liberal fiscal conservatives - Politics and Public Opinion - AEI

I don't like the term fiscally Conservative socially Liberal Republican but because of the lack of knowledge and education. That Americans have about Liberalism and Conservatism, its probably the best I can do layout what I mean when I'm talking about. What I call mainstream Republicans the real Conservative-Republicans in the Republican Party. To a typical American if you use the term social-Conservative, they most likely automatically think of the religious-right. People who believe that homosexuality and pornography are threats to our national security and must be outlawed. And that Hollywood must at least be regulated or controlled by the Federal Government to only represent what. They see as traditional America and that if you are a social-Liberal you are someone who believes in social freedom. And strong on civil rights and civil liberties and so fourth and that if you are a fiscal Conservative, you are against the New Deal and Great Society. And would like to see those things eliminated and that the defense budget has nothing to do with the debt and deficit and our. National security should be based on how much we spend on national defense rather then what we need it to do.

Thats how Republicans tend to get labeled now when the fact is you can be a Conservative and both believe in. Economic and social freedom to go along with fiscal Conservatism including as it relates to the defense budget. And that people who are labeled social-Conservatives really aren't Conservative at all and are really religious-Conservatives. Who look at politics from a religious vantage point rather then from a Conservative political vantage point. And don't believe in conserving social freedom but restricting and limiting it and the people who are stereotyped. As fiscally Conservative and socially Liberal Republicans, are the real Conservative-Republicans people who believe in. Conserving economic and social freedom, who are fiscally Conservative as well but their fiscal Conservatism. Covers the entire Federal budget and doesn't leave out national defense, Republicans that Neoconservatives. Like to call rhinos or in Ron Paul's case Liberal.

The future of the Republican Party are what the media like to call Northeastern-Republicans a coalition that. Mitt Romney up until 2009 or so was very comfortable being part of, that former US Senator and Representative Olympia Snowe. Who was in Congress for thirty six years is a part of today and I believe will look to rebuild this faction in the GOP. The real Conservative-Republicans in the Republican Party are the Northeastern-Republicans and the Ron Paul coalition. And these are the Republicans that the GOP needs to start embracing and getting behind if they want to remain a major political party. In America and not become a far-right third party.