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Thursday, January 10, 2013

AEI: Healthcare: Thomas Miller and Catherine Griffin: US National Healthcare Spending Continues Trend of Slow Growth

US national health care spending continues trend of slow growth

You want to cut Medicare as well as broader healthcare costs in this country, you create a public option in the form of Medicare. To do that where all adults in this country would have the option to purchase Medicare and use that as their health insurance. And where seniors who've already paid into it but can't afford to spend more for their health insurance. Wouldn't have to pay additional costs but where wealthy people who can afford to pay more for Medicare. Would get their Medicare as if it was private health insurance and be required to pay for all of their Medicare benefits. This is how we would save Medicare by having more healthy people on it as well as more people with means on Medicare. Which would bring down the costs of the program and we could even have a fifty state public option for Medicare. Allowing each state to set up their own Medicare systems to go along with the private health insurance market. And be able to see what works best in each state and what doesn't work very well and what we can improve on.

The other way to bring down healthcare costs in America Medicare and the broader healthcare system. Is to stop subsidizing the quantity of healthcare in this country, stop subsidizing hospitals and doctors based. On how much healthcare they provide and start subsidizing them based on how healthy their patients are. By the results that we are getting from our doctors from the healthcare that they are providing. As well as stop subsidizing junk food and drink through Food Assistance, get junk food and drink out of all public schools. And public buildings in general and instead subsidize healthy foods, good diet and exercise, credits for living well. And so fourth, increase Food Assistance to cover more expensive healthy food and so fourth, health insurance. To cover gym memberships and that sorta thing, to encourage Americans to take care of themselves and penalize. Then when they don't, so they can't past their healthcare costs onto others.

The Affordable Care Act already took big steps to bring down our healthcare costs by having more people. On health insurance and with the healthcare mandate so we have less people receiving free healthcare. In this country at other peoples expense but that was just a first step and we are now at a point where are healthcare costs. Aren't rising as fast but thats not good enough they are still way too expensive and we need to bring them down by half. As a percentage of GDP to help us get our debt and deficits under control.