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Saturday, January 12, 2013

C-SPAN: Historical Inaugural Moments

Source: C-SPAN- President Barack Obama, 44th POTUS-
Source: C-SPAN: Historical Inaugural Moments

Granted I'm only 37 years old and generally I see that as a positive thing. With the energy level and strength that comes from not even being 40 years old and I generally only feel old except when I'm talking to Millennial's. But there's only a limited amount of memories I have when it comes to American presidential inaugurations and I'm a self-confessed political junky and perhaps more interested in political history since there's more for me to learn there than today's twenty-four-our spin-cyle in too many cases tabloid oriented political coverage of who is up and who is down and what does that mean ratings driven political coverage. (Except for C-SPAN, of course) My point being there's a limited amount of presidential inaugural moments that I've actually personally experienced.

But one that comes to mind is President Bill Clinton's 1993 inaugural where he says, " there's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed with what is right with America." Unemployment was high, the economy was growing slowly, high interest rates and inflation, Americans weren't feeling good about things. And you have this 46 year old Baby Boomer President essentially saying we can get through this. And things will get better. That is my inaugural moment. 17 year old high school junior getting home early that day because of winter exams and I got to see and hear that.