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Monday, November 19, 2012

FRSFreeStatePlus: RedState: Morton C. Blackwell: An Open Letter to Conservatives: The Fall of Religious Conservatism

An open letter to conservatives | RedState

Back in 1964 after Senator Barry Goldwater the GOP Presidential nominee lost in a landslide to President Johnson. Not even getting 40% of the popular vote and only winning six states in a two man race, if you want to call it that. Even though I believe Senator Goldwater would be one of the first people to tell you that he wasn't going to win. And was sorta a reluctant candidate for President to begin with but thats not what his Presidential campaign was about. Which is what I'm about to get to but after the Goldwater defeat, the media of course were predicting the death of Conservative Republicanism and perhaps Conservatism. All together after President Johnson a somewhat Liberal Democrat who pushed for civil rights and so fourth. Had not only won reelection in a landslide but Congressional Democrats won huge majorities in both the House and Senate. Actually added to those majorities and of course Congressional Republicans bounced back in 1966, not winning back Congress. But giving them strong enough minorities in Congress to be a force again and of course Dick Nixon elected President in 1968.

I read a column from the right wing magazine RedState arguing that Conservatism was pronounced dead in 1964 and it bounced back. The so called glorious death of a Presidential campaign that sparked a Conservative movement that saw. A Conservative Republican win the Presidency in 1980 to go along with a Republican Senate, the first time in over a generation. There are some problems with this argument, one it wasn't that Conservatism died or took a big hit in 2012 its religious Conservatism. Or Fundamentalism that did, the Conservative values of economic freedom, fiscal responsibility, strong defense protecting society from. Criminals and terrorists and all that, are still strong but what has taken a big hit and I don't believe will come. Back at least as a governing faction in America, is Statism whether it comes from the right or left and in 2012 it came from the right.

The demographics simply don't favor today's GOP the so called traditional values or America coalition is not. Only dying off but not being replaced and what we saw in 2012 with their candidates being defeated the way they did. Like in Indiana and Missouri, Virginia even with George Allen, even though he's more Moderate but he comes from that faction of the party. And what we saw from candidates like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann, where Republicans who love these candidates but not willing. To put enough support behind him where they could actually win, because Republicans believed they had. No shot at defeating President Obama, is this feeling even with some Republicans that these type of candidates. Are so far out of the mainstream now, that if we support them they'll lose overwhelmingly.

What Republicans need to do going forward is not try to expand the religious right base or try to get them. To work harder for them because they've gotten everything out of this box that they can but what they need. To do is expand the GOP with new voters who don't traditionally vote Republican and go after these voters. That will represent the majority of the electorate politically in the future, that like the Republican message of economic and religious freedom and fiscal responsibility.

National Journal: Steven Shepard: Gallup Blew Its Presidential Polls, but Why?

Gallup Blew Its Presidential Polls, but Why? -

A little over a month ago after Mitt Romney won the first Presidential debate, the Gallup poll released a poll. That had Mitt Romney with a six point lead, even though most of the other polls had the election as a dead heat. A few points either way, right after Gallup released that poll Democratic strategist Bob Beckel said if the Gallup poll is correct. Then this election is over and Mitt Romney will win the election, thats how much serious Democrats and Republicans have trusted Gallup over the years and relied on it. I wonder if that level of trust for Gallup on both sides will remain in the future.

Right Coast: "We’re Heading for Economic Dictatorship": What The Far Right Still Doesn't Get About Barack Obama

Right Coast: We’re heading for economic dictatorship: The whole of the West is falling into the economic black hole of permanent no-growth A permanent absence of growth would have baleful conseq...

FRSFreeStatePlus: I read blogs on the far right and center right or what's left of the center right in America, damn I miss the days. Of Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan and even to a certain extent Newt Gingrich, for this blog because I  want to know what they are thinking. I'm a Liberal Democrat and both of these factions are part of the opposition, even if the far right sees people who think like me as the enemy. I read these magazines and blogs to get info about them, to see what they are thinking and from time to time, you even read material. Thats intelligent and informative, I don't post their stuff because I agree with it, I generally don't and if you see. What I write about what they wrote, you would see that I don't generally and back in 2008 the far right in America saw Barack Obama as a Socialist. Some of them even believing that he was an illegal immigrant, despite even having a US birth certificate. And an American mother and the far right today still believes that or at least sees him as a Socialist because they tend to be knowledge phobic. And not will to see information that contradicts whatever they believe.

The latest conspiracy theory I've seen from the far right is that President Obama wanted an economic crisis so. He could come in with the big hands of the Federal Government to save the day and transform the American Liberal Capitalist economic system. To Socialist economic system and make us look like Europe and have an government that collects all of the money from the economy. And then dishes it back out to what believe Americans need to live and that President Obama wanted the economy to crash so much so. He could show Americans that American Capitalism doesn't work which is why we need to look more like Europe. And so we can have what's called social justice, when the facts are President Obama is similar to FDR in this sense. Not that he was looking to create some welfare state but to save American Capitalism, so we wouldn't have to nationalize the economy or to look more like Europe.