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Monday, November 12, 2012

SolidPrinciples: The Divided States of America: Secessionist Movements Within America

This is easily the funniest story I've seen today and saw for the first time on a blog I'm subscribe to. Called Right Coast, if these people want to leave the United States, they are welcome to as far as I'm concern. Hell America already has way too many ignorant Americans but their states are staying, this is all about the far right in America. Who hasn't accepted the fact that we have an African American President, thats where this is coming from.

Commentary: Peter Wehner: Conservatism in the Wake of Defeat

Conservatism in the Wake of Defeat: p“Politics have taken an orientation not favourable to Papa.” So wrote Clementine Churchill to her son Randolph in 1930. That’s a sentiment some of us who are conservatives today understand. The Churchill example is apposite to our time. As Churchill biographer Martin Gilbert points out, in 1928 Churchill was at the height of his career. [...]/p

Its not Conservatism lost last Tuesday, its Statism and intolerance from the right which is what lost, anytime 70%. Or of people from three different demographic groups vote against you and in the case of African Americans. 90% vote against you and 60% or more of young people vote against you, that should tell you something, thats the knockdown punch. That you want to avoid getting hit by again, because if you know you take a shot like that again, you might not get up. The Republican party last Tuesday won with Caucasian men, rural, Evangelical older voters and lost overwhelmingly everywhere else. A group they should do very well with, college graduates, Mitt Romney split with President Obama on, thats why. They lost 332 votes in the Electoral College, a Electoral College blowout, 332-206 and lost all of the big States. Except for Texas which they almost always win and North Carolina, Texas by the way about to become a swing State thanks to Mexican Americans.

Its not that Conservatism lost last Tuesday, economic and fiscal conservatism still have a large appeal to the country. Especially people who run or own their own business's, including young people but when you tell these voters. That we are going to let you keep most of your money and not tell you how to run your own business but we are also going to tell you what you can do with your personal lives. And how you can live your life and since you don't live your life  the way you do, you must be Un American or don't matter. You end up scaring away a lot of voters who otherwise would've probably of voted for you.

National Journal: Niraj Choksi: Fiscal Cliff To Be Decided by a Few Key Players

Fiscal Cliff To Be Decided by a Few Key Players -

Hopefully President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid and keep the fringes out of it

FRSFreeStatePlus: Right Coast: "Ignore The Tea Party At Your Peril": The Path Forward For The GOP

Right Coast: Ignore The Tea Party At Your Peril.....: (Breitbart ) - In late 2011, long before the first caucuses and primaries of the 2012 election, I had the opportunity to speak with some...

FRSFreeStatePlus: I saw a little of C-Span's Washington Journal from Sunday morning and I saw the Michael Steele interview who. Of course is the former Chairman of the RNC, as well as Lieutenant Governor of the Free State of Maryland. As well as former Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party or MRP and is now a political analyst for MSNBC. And I'm sure he does other things, he's fifty four year old African American native Marylander, who represents exactly. What the GOP should be and where they need to go in the future, just over that fifty or over barrier, thats considered young for todays young voters. Or the post baby boom generation, as well as someone who politically represents where the GOP should be and should go. Someone who speaks and can articulate the message of fiscal and economic Conservatism but who doesn't scare. People on social issues because he doesn't believe in attempting to force his beliefs or others beliefs on the rest of the country.

Religious Conservatives and other Republicans are losing overwhelmingly to Democrats right now, on these culture war issues.  A big reason why President Obama was reelected last Tuesday, because he can speak to post boomers, sorta being one himself and doesn't come off as intolerant of them. And is someone whose considered to be on the right side of the culture war to post boomers and speaks of an America. Thats open to new Americans and other Americans who weren't prevalent in America in 1950 an era that the. Tea Party seems to want to force America to go back to and Mike Steele's message yesterday was that for the GOP to go forward and even be relevant in the future. They gotta stop scaring young voters, not try to out Obama Barack Obama but speak to the Ron Paul coalition and bring in young people who should. Be Republicans, which includes a diverse coalition of young voters, that would make the GOP competitive in the future.