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Saturday, November 10, 2012

EuroNews: Syria Refugees Want Opposition to Unite

A united Democratic opposition in Syria would make it easier for the Syrian Rebels to take down the Assad Regime. Because it would be much easier for them to get international support, especially from Europe and America.

Washington Times: Opinion: Mario Diaz: "A Silver Lining for Neoconservatives"

DIAZ: A silver lining for social conservatives - Washington Times

There was no silver lining for Neoconservatives people who live in 2012 but still have a 1950s view of America. All of these people voted for Mitt Romney and the ones who didn't voted for Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. The problem is we are talking about 10-15% of the country, most of the country who sees America for what it is, a huge, beautiful country that welcomes people from all over the World. Who all don't share the same lifestyle and how they view the World, voted for President Obama. 90% of. African Americans voted for President Obama, 72% of Latin Americans voted for President Obama, 71% of. Asian Americans voted for President Obama, roughly 60% of Caucasian Americans voted for Mitt Romney. But there share of the vote was down to 72% of the electorate, down two points from 2008, the fact is the Republican coalition getting smaller. And for the GOP to win both nationally and statewide going forward, they are going to have to broaden their coalition.

Right Coast: Students Celebrate President Obama's Reelection Outside Chanting Socialism

Right Coast: Students celebrate President Obama's reelection ou...

If these students outside celebrating President Obama's reelection yelling Socialism because they think Barack Obama. Is a Socialist, then they are sadly mistaken because if they've been living in the United States, alive and conscience the last four years. Especially if they are Socialists themselves, they know that President Obama is not a Socialist, which is the exact reason why Progressive Democrats have been so. Disappointed with the President the last four years, which goes to show how amazing President Obama's reelection. Was a big chunk of Barack Obama's base in 2008, were actual Socialists I believe thats obvious and not only did the President get reelected in 2012. With 332 electoral votes a blowout in the Electoral College, he didn't even face a primary challenge from the far left, the closest thing he got from a. Progressive challenge, was Jill Stein from the Green Party who didn't even get 1% of the vote.