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Friday, November 9, 2012

Jack Hunter: Constitutional Conservatism or Die: Why The GOP Should Move to Classical Conservatism

If your a Constitutional Conservative, that suggests you love the US Constitution based on what it is. And you are not looking to change it, especially go as far as amending it but what does Michelle Bachmann. Who labels herself a Constitutional Conservative do right when she declared he run for President in 2011, come out in favor of empowering the Federal Government to regulate. Pornography Same Sex Marriage and pornography by outlawing them both, Representative Bachmann wasn't. Running for President to limit the Federal Government but to give it more power and to go as far as amending the US Constitution. Which already limits the power of the Federal Government, something both parties you could make a case have come close to going pass that. So Michelle Bachmann is no more a Constitutional Conservative then Representative Dennis Kucinich or Senator Bernie Sanders. Perhaps the two most Progressive members of Congress right now, people who would both like the Federal Government. To have more power especially as it relates to the economy.

I use the Michelle Bachmann example to make the point that its not that Conservatism is hurting or destroying. The Republican Party, its the fact that the GOP doesn't have enough Conservatives, even though most people in the GOP. Claim to be Conservative, the fact is Conservatives no longer runs what was once the Grand Ole Party that could appeal to Americans. Across the board and win across the country, people who currently run the GOP have no business running a major party. Because they are on the fringe of American politics and should either represent the fringe of a major party. Or running a far right party but not a Conservative party, Moderation is mot the medicine that will save the Republican Party. Either, its that old phrase from Barry Goldewater, that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and that moderation. In the pursuit of justice is no virtue, sounded extreme in 1964 but it was true then and is true now.

If the GOP were to become Centrist, then they will continue to lose to Democrats, because they won't. Be seen as much of an alternative, Conservatism isn't extreme but Neoconservatism, that wants to take America. Back to the 1950s where a lot of Americans today would be viewed as Un American is.

Washington Times: Opinion: Jeffrey T. Kuhner: "Obama's America", Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin

KUHNER: Obama's America - Washington Times

Back in 2008 when the Senator Barack Obama was running for President, there was talk of not only Barack Obama. Being a Socialist but that he was an illegal immigrant from Kenya and perhaps even worse from the perspective of the far right, that he was a Muslim. Americans didn't believe that then and they certainly don't believe that now, since most of the country doesn't belong to any of those groups. Then in 2009 when President Obama passed the 2009 American Recovery Act, perhaps better known as stimulus. And even had the Federal Government buy parts of General and Chrysler Motors, when they were both going. Bankrupt and then of course healthcare reform that politically was a disaster at the time but a big win for President Obama. As far as a policy objective that he ran on and passed, the Socialist talk continue, President Obama supports a government takeover of the healthcare system.

None of these things are true as far as Barack Obama being from Kenya, a Muslim or a Socialist but when you. Look at the World as very few people do, facts are no longer the issue especially when they contradict your fundamental argument. The only thing that matters is what you want to believe and anything that contradicts that, is seen as some type of conspiracy theory. Thats out to get and destroy the America you grew up and know, thats what the far right is going through right now.

National Journal: Jim Tankersly: The Issues: What to Expect in President Obama's Second Term

The Issues: What to Expect in Obama's Second Term -

Deficit reduction and immigration reform would be a good first year and since both are in Republicans interest. To pass because of how they did on Tuesday with no Caucasian voters, there a window of opportunity to pass both.