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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gata Bella: Video: ABC’s Barbara Walters Special, Sophia Loren Interview in 1990

Gata Bella: Video: ABC’s Barbara Walters Special, Sophia Loren Interview in 1990

Just look at Sophia Loren at this point in 1990. She is around fifty-six at this point and Barbara Walters looking very cute as always too, but Sophia Loren still a goddess at this point and looking great. And if you look at how she started out in Italy born in 1934 under the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and how poor she and her family were in Italy and during a war-time and not worrying about how they were going to eat everyday and would they not have a place to live and everything else that comes from the hell of extreme poverty and then what she made of herself, it is an incredible life. That seems to of only of come out of Hollywood.

Sophia goes from extreme poverty war-torn Italy under a horrible dictatorship, to Italian and Hollywood goddess within less than twenty-years. Who else could’ve accomplished this and accomplish everything that she has to being one of if not the top Hollywood goddess of all-time and one of the best actress’s, singers, perhaps even comedians who has ever lived. And all of this coming after the hellish start that she had in life, where she has a father that she almost didn’t know at all and who out her mother through hell as well.

Commentary: Seth Mandel: Is Paul Ryan the Leader of the Conservative Movement?

Is Paul Ryan the Leader of the Conservative Movement?: pWhen the Republican Party took back control of the House in 1994, a confluence of events combined to make it even more of a watershed moment than it would otherwise have been. The fact that the GOP had been out of power in Congress for four decades gave it an “underdog” storyline. Newt Gingrich, who [...]/p

Assuming Mitt Romney loses tomorrow night and it hasn't happen yet, the Republican Party is going to have figure. Out where do they go from there, facing four more years of a Democratic President and at least two more years of a Democratic Senate. Even if House Republicans hold the majority and a Democratic President who was reelected and if the economy takes off, which looks like it might. In 2013 and the President avoids any serious scandals that can hurt his Presidency and popularity, perhaps Popular reelected President who doesn't have to worry about reelection and will have the freedom to be more. Bold in the next two years, which is something Democrats were hoping for in the beginning. So a reelected President Obama would have the authority to push an agenda that Republicans will of course disagree. With that could have at least some popular elements in it and Republicans will have to figure out how to counter. President Obama under these circumstances.

Me as a Democrat and as an American would like to see the Republican Party get back to where they use to be. A Fiscally and Economically Conservative Party, as well as a Socially Moderate-Tolerant Party, Classical Conservative even. Bring in the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson voters and be real Conservative Party across the board which they aren't right now, today they are an. Economically Conservative Party, thats more Statist, something they tend to accuse Democrats of being on. Social Issues and aren't even very Fiscally Conservative, considering they believe that 1/6 of the. Federal Budget, thats in one department, which is defense,  should be off the table in Deficit Reduction. And maybe Paul Ryan is that guy but I have my doubts.

National Journal: Reid Wilson: An Uneasy Status Quo

An Uneasy Status Quo -

Wednesday morning, President Obama, a Republican House and a Democratic Senate for the next two years. Thats the prediction, President Obama has enough States according to the final polls to at least win the Electoral College. House Republicans have enough safe seats to at least retain a majority and Senate Democrats have defended successfully enough. Enough seats as will as pickoff some Republican seats to retain control of the Senate in the next Congress.

Right Coast: Maryland's Right Wing Cannibalism

Right Coast: Maryland's Conservative Cannibalism: I thought I'd repost this from my friend,   Jackie Wellfonder's blog. Echos from 2010.... United We Stand, Divided We Fal l If a...

If you look at the State of Maryland or as a native Marylander as I prefer to call it the Free State of Maryland. Which is actually our official nickname, because we do have solid Classical Liberal leanings and we'll probably become freer tomorrow night, assuming both Vote 6 and Vote 7 pass that will. Bring more gambling and casinos, which equals jobs to Maryland, as well as legalizing Same Sex Marriage. But if you look at this State politically, especially the Democratic Party, we are made of three different factions. We have a strong Liberal faction, Democrats such as myself who vote for things like gambling and Same Sex Marriage. We have more of a Progressive faction that will vote for Same Sex Marriage but then would vote against things like gambling, because they see it as dangerous and that individuals aren't up to making that. Decision for themselves as well tend to be in favor of voting for more taxes, especially if it goes for more government. Spending in areas like education and infrastructure and then we have a Right Wing faction, made up of Conservatives like Bob Erlich, the former Governor and people further to the right.

The Right Wing faction in the Democratic Party, should really be Republicans, Conservatives and people further. To the right that I call Neoconservatives, who live in Western Maryland and Southern Maryland, who tend to vote Republican nationally and even statewide, which is how someone like a Bob Erlich. Can get elected Governor in a State thats at least 2/3 Democratic, if the Maryland GOP was stronger and smarter. They would be bringing in these Democrats to the Republican Party but they don't, these are people who vote. Against Gay Rights like we saw in the State Assembly and vote against higher taxes and deficit spending but they remain Democrats. And if the Maryland GOP would bring in these people, the State House wouldn't be 7-10 Democratic and the State Senate wouldn't be 2/1 Democratic. And the Governors races would be more competitive, as well as US House and Senate races as well.